Monday, November 2, 2009

Mystery Brows of Senior Advisor Axelrod

How does he do it?   David Axelrod, who may or may not be paid (I guess the pres can call someone an advisor and pay him out of public money)  to speak as if he is the last word on the domestic and foreign policies of the USA, has the ability to move his eyebrows at least six inches above their at rest position.  They seem to make this journey on their own, independent of one another, and without apparent reason or stimulus.  

The eyebrows also look to be interchangeable with the mustache.  Interchangeable parts.   

What is most remarkable is that his eyebrows can move down below his eyes.   Yes, he can move his eyebrows down so that he can peek over them, and he does this when explaining the unexplainable to that nitwit Bob Scheiffer. 

I think there was a muppet with similarly mobile, autonomous eyebrows.  I'm not sure. I know I've seen the arrangement before, and on a puppet.   It is a new twist to see such facial gymnastics on the puppeteer. 

Why Naturalized Citizens Ought not Be President, in two words

The two words are:  Ah Noad
as in governor of CaleeForneeya
The legislative goons here decided to take a loan from the citizens, with or without their approval, and Ahnold is not vetoing it.  
How it works is that they take 10% more withholding tax than usual from worker paychecks.  Then, without paying interest they claim they'll give it back later, when people file taxes.   Is this totalitarian tactic not unnerving to the average person?   Of course, if withholding money from paychecks, in general, does not rub you the wrong way, I guess more of the same tyranny wouldn't bother you.   
Who do these progressive programs and "solutions" hurt most?   I'd say the working poor; those who attempt to earn their way, and better their lot, but who don't have much income or resources at present.  And of course the middle class, whoever they are.   Precisely the people those who create problems then look to solve them in this way claim to champion.  

The result is that people will find ways around it, and go somewhat underground in their dealings.  

It is increasingly more evident that Arnold has no idea whatsoever how a free people should be governed.  He clearly sees the benevolent dictator as the ideal, and even normal, model.     Increasingly, so do the majority of Americans, a huge portion of whom could not identify the branches of the federal government and the most rudimentary description of the functions of each.   So, it is no wonder that power which was forbidden the US government has been usurped without a fight.   A nominally bloodless coup.

I say nominally bloodless because, although their was no force of arms used to take control, more than a few lives have suffered.   We can't even get a straight answer regarding goals and justifications for most military actions and how they've been managed since the end of WWII.

So, I am quite happy that AhNold can never be president, although I do realize our present top executive is very much on the same page as the governator.  Too bad people didn't have the guts not to vote for either of the two main choices offered.    Mob psychology is a troubling thing when it has any power.  That is why these creeps have risen to power and managed to grab more power than the country's constitution allowed.   It only took 100 years or so for the present initiatives to become possible, but the rate of increase in encroachment on individual freedom follows a somewhat geometric rate of increase.  Actually it follows a more insidious pattern; very slow, with tiny incremental increases, then in the past decade or so the curve has risen sharply. 
If only there was a reasonable haven to escape such tyrants.  Once upon a time this was the place in which people found refuge from tyrants, preferring to chance the rough go of carving out their own future, enduring the attendant hardships by choice rather than submit to tyrants by force.   Now, we are becoming what we tried to escape.

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