Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Gods Must be Crazy

So, we elect Moonbeam for governor then refuse to legalize pot. Seems contradictory. I guarantee Jerry is not stranger to the magic weed. California is peopled by very contradictory voters.

My buddy Lutz lost. A smart candidate could have taken that race. People are becoming tired of political family dynasties. He was beat by the most recent issue of Duncan Hunters. Lutz was too arrogant as were his workers. They zapped my email off a petition against the powerlink, then sent stuff calling the competition an "idiot", "Useless", etc. That may work when you are already preaching to the choir.

The surly practice of sneering and deriding the opponent without discussing the difference in philosophy fully and realistically may be cool, and make people feel smart and superior, but it does nothing to persuade people, and in some cases alienates the undecided.

When I could figure out the Lutz agenda and his ideas on things, I didn't find the prospect of having him in office a good one.
Negative ads in and of themselves don't bother me much. Quite often they are so transparent as to have the opposite effect on me.

Considering that it could be argued that the DEA has done more to promote drugs than any other entity besides the press, I think not voting to legalize pot is foolish. No big deal to me except that the public is really fooled on this. I bet the mob, gangs, and mexican cartels are breathing a sigh of relief. I better wear a heavy pan on my head--they may be firing guns in the air to celebrate.

ps: the only time I felt any emotion to speak of during this election was when they had candidates talking themselves up before adoring fans here in CA. I never have understood people that place some stranger in such awe above themselves that they cheer with religious zeal just at the sight of their chose master or mistress(?)..[that sounds wrong---who wouldn't cheer his/her mistress--given it is not at an awkward family moment?]. Anyway, that sort of hero worship of anyone playing games on the public dime does not resonate with me at all.

I think people should just grow pot everywhere in CA, all over medians, in city planters, etc. Just for the fun of it. And poppies, too.

Back to having fun with this book. Made some changes, and some progress. Maybe I'll turn it into a hot steamy sex book. We are getting close to that point in the story where it would fit. Doubtful that will happen. Most likely the white collar workers will revolt and join forces with the homeless, launching a revolution.

update: oh boo hoo, San Diego voters rejected a sales tax increase. It was sold as necessary to keep the fire department at 100% because the city has spent more money than it has on BS. They always point at things like fire rescue instead of all the garbage stuff they do. It isn't as if this is low cost of living area as it is. Go figure. They vote that down but seem to support every person who wants to squeeze the turnip a bit more. I can't wait to get rich so I can cover them all in money. It won't shut them up though. But, if they don't control it too much, money can buy a degree of freedom. It can even buy those who control everyone else.

Voting In CA

Until today, I had no idea that on Ballistic Mountain all ballots are mailed to you. They consider us too far out in the sticks to even be on any regular precinct's role. As a result they gave me some kind of ballot that gets put in an envelope.

The outside of the envelope has my name license number address. That seems not so secret to me, but what can you do. The most off the wall thing I did was write in one of our guitar players for school superintendent.

There were few things to vote for, many to vote against. I did not vote for increasing sales tax, or for adding $18.00 to license plate fees.

There were a bunch of things where they asked if some judge should remain on the bench for the rest of the term, or words to that effect. I voted no on al of them. Get some new blood. Maybe I voted against whoever ruled in my favor at the insurance commission. I hope not. There wasn't much about any insurance arbitration board. Must be appointed people.

The line about voting being "your civic duty" is one with which I 100% agree. I think it is your right, and your choice. It makes as much sense to abstain if you don't know or care what is on the ballot. Like me and my no on judges. I had no clue and probably should have abstained.

Having a right to vote, and being forced, like they do in some countries, are two different things. It is like the right to express your views. Having the right in no way requires one to express those views.

There are various reasons for not voting. If you believe the system is too corrupt to represent you, and you go ahead and vote without actually approving of any of the choices, then the spin is that this is what people want because they voted for it.

I think we still have some influence at the polls so it is worth casting a ballot here and there, but I would never push people to vote. That is as much their own business as much as how a person votes is supposed to be a private matter. Forcing it otherwise, requiring people to vote is just a form of tyranny hiding behind the idea that the right to vote is a mark of freedom. It is when it is a choice. And I think the right to not vote is as important as the other side of that coin.

It looked like everything was done on paper in Alpine. Lots of the people who are on the mailed ballot routine just drop in and drop the envelope in a box. The poll workers were nice and helpful. They didn't seem too dense like in some places. Maybe they just go through and throw out the votes they don't like. Isn't that why people become poll workers---to fix the vote? Can't imagine what other motive there would be. Well, maybe to pick up chicks or dudes.

I suspect some of what I voted will go through, and some not. I voted yes on legalizing pot in CA. It is a multi faceted thing; feds have no right to interfere, it is a harmless plant in most respects, not anyone's business to tell you what you can grow, the arguments about gateway drug are bogus, it fuels organized crime and wastes tax money and jail space. Has zero to do with whether I want to smoke it or not. I'd have voted to legalize growing poppies for personal use as well.

Nowhere was there a proposition which suggested spending about a million dollars on me. I thought that was kind of disappointing.

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