Monday, October 31, 2011

I Lied, Once Again

My life is not really exciting. It is confusing. Mostly to me, but sometimes to others. I guess we're even because I am perpetually baffled by the effectiveness with which most people manage their lives. They may not see it that way, but they have no idea how confusing the basics are to people like me. This sometimes results in me feeling like we are not speaking the same language even though it is all in English.

Remind me if I forget; whether it is superstition or voodoo, my best hope is some kind of blind faith that I'll manage to do the right thing, and It Will All Be OK.

I should be looking forward to the holiday travels. So far, I am not looking forward to much, and that is bad. One should always have something to anticipate happily and with enough excitement to produce some adrenalin. I'll work on it.

I saw a documentary about the Pixies 2004 re-united tour. It was pretty good. I didn't know who they were but the flick made me like them. I may not be thrilled with all their music but I liked elements of all of it, and I liked the creativity.

So, that documentary inspires me to write more songs and become a country singer, believe it or not--(either way you could be right).

In health notes: that big toe nail which took a beating in the great unexpected step into a jaccussi --how to spell it?-- is now trying to fall off. I guess the blood which kept it glued on finally dissolved. I am keeping it taped down.

There is intrigue in the land of Big O's buddy, as far as his local house management. I keep feeling like I am being eased out, but it could be that this involves other things which could be quite troublesome for certain operatives who aren't me. I strain to give a clearer picture while not saying anything which would not be wise at this juncture. Not prudent.

Friday, October 28, 2011

My Exciting Life

If you actually knew, you'd be shocked, dismayed, puzzled and chagrined. But you don't because one can only talk about so much on the net if he is even marginally prudent. I consider myself marginally prudent. No more, and maybe just a little less. Judgement calls have not always been my strong point, that's why it stands out when I do exercise a bit of wisdom.

So there you have it; my life is not quite as boring as it sounds.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pennies From Heaven

So, according to my brother, an unexpected little windfall is coming my way which will make the Ballistic Holiday road trip possible. Who knew?

It's peanuts to some, but this will make joining those of my gene pool for Christmas much less stressful. Every bit helps these days. And it seems to be because the government overly robbed one of my dead relatives. Something that ought not happen in a truly free country.

Dear 99%

If the people claiming to represent the 99% truly do represent 99% of this country, then I am in the 1% who think the 99% are full of it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Winter? Again? and etc

Just last week it was about 90 deg one afternoon. Today, I bet it didn't get above 60. Factor in the windchill and I'm sure it showed a "feels like" factor of maybe 59. Time to quit jogging nude.

Ballistic Mountain weather is certainly a puzzling thing. San Diego county, in general, is a puzzling hodge podge of micro climates, all of which are almost ideal if you compare them to other parts of the country. That quickly causes one to be super sensitive to little changes in humidity and temperature. And if it rains, close the schools and hope for the best.

It has been IN THE FIFTIES just after sunset lately. If that doesn't qualify as winter weather, then I don't know what does.

I'm trying like hell not to point out that examining fine print, etc. would reveal that the big O's college loan relief plans only benefit a small fraction of people who owe or will owe. It is smoke and mirrors, so don't let that unabashed bribe buy you off. It is a lie.

The part that does trouble me is the part about claiming it is on behalf of the people that the elected executive of the country is wanting to by-pass the elected legislators of the country as if the separation of powers means nothing, and as if they were not elected by people, just like him.

It sounds very dictatorial. But, I've long noted that people forget what the president's job is supposed to be. It is not to make laws or approve budgets or to run lives. Those who run for that office act as if they are running for supreme ruler, monarch or dictator. It is sad how this snowball of authority has been rolling down the hill gaining momentum and mass for over a hundred years. And how much of the population has helped push it along at higher and higher speed.

Why not just import Castro or Chavez? The talk and attitude are the same. I find it hard to comprehend how people can be so easily duped. It is because they think there is something in it for them; like the fake student loan relief. Those college kids are all over that. Do your homework, Junior, you been had. Again.

I heard I share a birthday with Gumby and Charles Lindbergh. Can't complain. They had a bank robber here called "the Gumby bandit" because he tried to rob a place dressed in a Gumby suit. He failed. Got his hand all tangled in the pocket trying to prove he had a gun.

Just one of many odd bandits. We had the Geezer bandit, who they think was wearing a realistic old man mask, and one called the dandy or suit bandit or something like that because he was super dressed up and daper. We got em out here in SoCal. There are more but I don't keep up very well. Some get caught. Most get caught or screw up and run away.

No way I can really be from this planet. Between the bears' rights, and people like PETA suing Seaworld for slavery, and occupy this and that, and helmet laws, and laff tracks on TV, I must be another species of being from somewhere else.

Video Curse Continues

It turns out the video taken of me at the party was not of the cut loose Cmin jam. It was just me trying to play a little blues over a progression a couple of guitars were doing. I think all three of us had a different idea of where it was supposed to go. Besides I sometimes suck at that sort of blues. If there were vocals and all that, then I'd be better--I hope.

My conclusion of this is that the other thing went well. Whenever I really nail it the camera is off. Or, if it is on, then the picture is of the pavement, the port-o-lets, the sky or the bar room floor. Usually, it is off, out of tape, out of memory, or out to lunch. It must be a karma thing of some kind.

The good part is that I expected no recording of this and I made no effort to see that anything got recorded. I've given up on that temporarily.

I think G2, the older guy with the beard and interesting local history was best in show. He did a few songs by himself and he was clearly a cut above. G1 did a good job on the only song I recall him doing. That was all of us playing on that. No two songs. G1 is the most consistent of everyone in all ways.

K aka G1 is the responsible anchor of the mountain and the group, and he has more control over his emotions. He behaves the best on a consistent basis. Puts up with me and C aka G2. And of course he puts up with his lovely wife who I maintain is perfect. Because she is, and I am the kind of guy who always sides with the chick --when I am being smart. I like her voice. It has a very nice quality to it, plus she is one who always has my back. Some women look out for me and I appreciate it more than I let on.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wireless Modem Review

Due to my peculiar circumstances, and possibly my peculiar construction and constitution, I have been connected on line via air card modem--cellular system, just like what phones use. G with a number in front. 3G 4G

Anyway, it has been through ever since I left Memphis. It is a different animal getting connected on Ballistic Mountain. My original intent was to be wired in when I left TN, even as a vagabond, and the setup was as good as I could do up here. It used to be much cheaper, but to maintain the unlimited part I had to start paying more. When I checked what a regular cell company would charge it no longer seemed like highway robbery, and I was not forced into a contract.

It is still a lot, but all alternatives charge a lot up front, require installing a satellite dish or other equipment and still want to limit usage or charge a bundle. When my Franklin modem starting going south--falling apart--I was happy to know I'm grandfathered in to this deal because it is not available any more.

I was nervous when the new Sierra modem arrived. Not only because I wondered if it was something to do with the Sierra Club and lobbying, but because you have to uninstall the software affiliated with the old modem and trust that when you plug this into the usb port that it will install and work.

It took a little messing around but not much. I haven't had this kind of speed in a long time. And I did not have to call up the tech support. That is another thing about Millenicom, when you call tech support, or billing, you rarely wait longer than a minute, and you get an American who lives in the USA. They have always solved whatever issue I had, and I have had ver few over the almost four years with them.

I don't know what all they offer now, but if it is comparable to something you're looking at elsewhere, I'd go with Millenicom. Their service is as good or better than Mindspring back in the late 90's, and they were good.

This turned out to be more of a cellular internet service provider review than a modem review. The Franklin cdu-680 was good and served me a long time. I liked the pouch it came with. This one has no pouch but it is smaller, does not rotate, and uses pretty blue lights that don't blink all the time. So, you have the good and bad, but I think the sierra is somehow more MAC compatible. All seems faster.

The other posts before this are more interesting. And more full of ego if you go down two.

I was prepared to spend hours getting this right, expecting I'd have to get the tech girl on the phone again. They have guys too. I just liked the female who handled the process of getting this sent to me. She said that she was the best for MAC support. Older males are really pitiful.
Maybe I am turning into an old lecher. OK. I was that way when I was younger, too. Now I blame it on being older than dirt.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Ad That Would Put Romney In The Big White Crib

This Bad Lip Reading video ought to be his campaign ad. They have videos of other candidates, too. They've got Obama doing a rap (which is not so far off of things I've seen from him and Hilary when they want to be homeys in da 'hood). Still, it would be better than usual campaign ads.

I think all of them should just use the bad lip reading version of their exploits--far more entertaining and coherent. Besides, they would offer as much, or more, reasonable criteria for making a voting judgement as people generally possess before visiting the polls.

I've never found Mitt so personable and engaging. None of his other appearances did anything other than leave me cold, and mistrustful of him. This one, though, won me over. I'd vote for a guy who talks like that.

Ballistic House Party

My guitar friend and his singer wife, 2 of the members of Copper Creek with whom I play, had an afternoon, early evening party on Sunday. It was an Oktoberfest theme but I just showed up as I normally do. No little funny clothes or any of that.

K set up the PA out on the deck and lots of people got up and sang and played. We played a little bit, but not that much. Some chick claims she has a video of me doing my Oaxaca jam. That's when I jam off of a riff from a song I wrote that has been titled All I Ever, Fly Away With You, and Oaxaca. It actually has words but we do it without any. I guess it is my chance to try to let loose and let off steam, and show off on a good day.

Mostly it is a bit of a release. We don't do much that requires me to let go and I need to every now and then. So far I haven't seen the video, so I have no idea exactly what I did or even how long I did it. Judging from response, it may have been OK. I felt kind of OK but still felt like I didn't hit the stride I always crave in such situations. It felt better than not doing it at all.

Here's a picture someone took. I hold a harmonica different than you are supposed to. Different than anyone I've ever seen, and I do the hand stuff left handed instead of right. Just the way it works out. If that wasn't me I'd be captioning the photo, "do you think these folks know I'm really up here picking my nose?" I wasn't, of course.

In spite of all I did enjoy that Cminor jam. It's nice that the guitar players put up with it. They have to lay down the progression and they never know when I'm going to stop because I often let it get way quiet like it is about to end, then I rip into harder than before.

I'm not that great a player, really, but I am somewhat different, and that is all I can say on that.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

If I , etc

If I were the rich parent of one of the Occupy kids, I'd be encouraging the wayward youth to check out those fly suits, maybe they are called wing suits, where you go sailing around by the side of mountains and it looks like the most fun ever. It is a little like high speed surfing on the air.

I'd feel obligated to help the kid see what life can be; things I wish I was better at doing for myself. If I had the dough many of their parents have, I'd find ways to meet and introduce young Woolsworth or Buffy to inventors of things like that microwave machine that turns tires into fuel and carbon black. Carbon black is used in tire manufacture so that could go right back into more tires.

At one time I was intimately familiar with the workings of a tire manufacturing facility in NC. For various reasons my equipment proposal was not accepted, but I was young and inexperienced. The education and the experience gained in the process was worthwhile. Most likely I could have landed that account with what I knew later. Plus my design would have been a little different.

I've certainly spent much time in frivolous ways at every stage of my life, but I do think my time spent in that plant was of far more value than it would have been had I camped out to protest instead. And that's the real point.

It is great to let your views be known. I still say that doing so in a way that involves force over others in some way is over the line. I consider stopping traffic, clogging infrastructure and making work for others because of mess or vandalism, etc. a form of force. This is clearly where I part ways with most unions in their tactics.

But the real shame is that it is so easy to get a myopic view of life which limits one's chances of really experiencing the good things being a human being can bring. I consider things like loving a sport, being enamored with surfing or paragliding or any number of activities far more worthwhile than war, many forms of public service, and many other things considered holy by those who love mobs. Those activities are purely human and serve as a celebration of life and our creative nature.

Unless it has been enslaved and trained, you won't find a bear catching waves on a longboard, or sailing around the world, and zipping around like a flying squirrel in a glide suit. And even flying squirrels don't get to do what I've seen those guys do.

I think that helping a child learn to enjoy these things that are part of the joy of being is one of the best gifts anyone could give. I wish I hadn't had to spend my life trying to unlearn the opposite message. Even so, I know better. And I do appreciate what people can do.

Playing my excuse for music may be a sliver of that, and I cling to it because it is. In reality I would rather have been some kind of career athlete or be sailing through the sky like an insane rocket. No reason not to do both. It is just that the physical things are more my true nature than music or much else. Fortunately it often is kind of physical when I play. That is what kept me doing it, not how it sounds. Only how it felt on a good day.

At this time a lot of cool things would not be a good idea to try since I'm old and haven't spent my life working out.

It does make me a little sad to know what some kids are missing, and that it doesn't need to be like that. It is one problem I would not throw money at because that is not the real issue. People are simply being conditioned to believe life, humanity, and what matters are something other than what they are.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Credit Where Credit Is Doo

It could be that I am wrong, but if I thought so, I'd be saying something else entirely, or nothing at all.

If I am not mistaken, the general template for the troop withdrawal from Iraq was hammered out, with the Iraqi top guy, under Bush, at the end of his presidency. The timeline was pretty well set. Many people objected to the timeline approach at the time.

Obama claims he has kept his campaign promise about pulling troops out because of this December 2011 thing. He is unabashedly claiming full credit. The basis of it all has kind of changed over the last few years since Iraq nixed the original plan of having some bases still there. But such is life. The O wanted bases but since they said no, he can play up getting out as not being kicked out on that level. This is one of those times when he could blame Bush for the general troop withdrawal and it would be more truthful. Give the man credit for nerve. He must have been reading P.T. Barnum's memoirs.

Phineas Taylor Barnum (pbuh)

The big O can claim credit for Osama Been Laiden to rest in the deep blue sea. Not for this. I understood his campaign promise was to bring troops home immediately, much faster than this. I believe the timeline followed was pretty much the default already put in place. At least we haven't escalated other involvement over there, tried to influence who was or wasn't in power and have met with nothing but respect and success since Bush hit the road. Right.

If this is drastically different than how things were before Barack, I haven't noticed. Neither one has been overly clear on objectives, rationale, or what constitutes a victory which would allow us to get out.

Both expect soldiers to be social workers and to serve under unsafe rules of engagement. Both allow troops to be misused.

This police action, using the army to build schools approach hasn't worked, ever. Unless you are someone who benefits from the event. I'd love to be the guy who sells million dollar missiles. Imagine that commission. I'd be starting little skirmishes in the dark of night just so someone would fire one off. Then they'd buy more.

I'm interested in knowing what the strategy is in Afghanistan and the rest of the area. I find it unclear, just as I did in the Bush days. Especially when there was talk of making the region free to be sane and happy, and not oppressive. That is a pipe dream. Not all cultures lend themselves to such things.

Speaking of claiming credit, how often do politicians ask if you are better off than you were four years ago? It gets asked in different contexts, often as a negative against whoever was on the public payroll living in the White House at the time. Bunk!!!

I am better off than I was four years ago or three years ago, but it has absolutely nothing to do with government people. Not one thing. In other periods of my life when I was better off at the end than the beginning of some four year span, it had nothing to do with the president or his merry men and women. In this case I am certainly not financially better off, but I am better off.

So, anyway, this is shaping up to be the most embarrassing of campaign seasons. I guess the good thing is that both sides are now showing their elitist assumption that people will believe anything. I still think the republican thing is being forced and that, in reality, Mittens would not be on top had the nooz not continually titled him "front runner" even though he really wasn't. They've all but banned Paul from reasonable coverage and credit from the start, and now the assassinate Cain's character and chances assault is on.

I see Mitt, much like McCain was in 2008, as Obama lite. One day we will tire of allowing kings to run our lives, and tire of being useful pawns and idiots pleading our causes to them in hopes of forcing others to do our will.

Most people feel more comfortable believing a "good leader" is what we need. I tend to think we need to limit the power of such people so that, good or bad, they can't accomplish much harm to basic freedoms and rights.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


People up here on Ballistic Mountain don't have some of the easy options available to civilization down by the coast and elsewhere. Being even more out of the loop than most, I have fewer options.

I don't think regular cable is even available up here. People use satellite companies. I guess some get their internet that way. There is also a guy who offers a very expensive system which involves some kind of reception device and other costly equipment. I think his setup interferes with all other airwaves, but it is not supposed to.

Anyway, I've been using a cell system from an independent company, Millenicom, for almost four years. It is tied to the Sprint system but doesn't require a contract. It is also unlimited so that is good. The price has gone up but even if I had a sprint phone and wanted unlimited internet it would cost as much and require a lot more hassle, hooplah and obligation.

The trouble is, my modem is literally falling apart; coming unglued, and not working too well. I called to order a new one and they said my plan is no longer available. They now have a verizon plan that limits to 5 gigs or something. However, I am grandfathered in with this so I can keep going. I have to buy a new modem from them to replace this one and it is a different make. Michele says it will work well.

In the mean time I try to wiggle the other one so it connects and works but any small breeze makes it disconnect. For that reason it will be a great victory if this publishes.

I think this is all another wake up cal that I better get on the stick to organize life and be prepared to make money, and to be ready to make changes which will inevitably occur. The huse is still on the market and eventually the demand will come back up to real value. As it is the only offers are about half what the homeowners have in their property.

When I have no connection I get a little screwy because the computer is my ony source for tv music and it serves as my bill paying mechanism and primary method of communication with friends. My best friends tend to be scattered about the country, not just up the street. Although I do have friends here, too.

I can do this. It seems like I can't, but I know I can deal with the mess and move on. I wonder why I never feel like I am where I should put down roots and feel at home? Forever the orphan waif, I guess.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Occupied Failure

Despite my best efforts at the Occupy Descanso, the ATM inside Perkins store still charges a fee. Filthy bourgeois oppressors.

I demand legislative action. It won't dispense cash if your account is temporarily short, but I know it has the money and could if it wanted. That ATM needs to be taken down!

It still seems like we'd have more success if I weren't the only occupier in this grass roots movement here in the back country.

Darn and Dang It

The more I look at it, the more it looks like I'll not be making a Christmas road trip. I may have to get my major car service done here rather than at the best Subaru service department ever, in Dallas. And then I could fly south and be at the mercy of others for week, and fly back.

That lack of escape option bothers me. I like to be able to hit the road at will. It is easy for my family visits to run their course in just a few days. Flight prices are such that I would be there a week, should I choose to fly.

Due to our security regulations and the airlines bizarre practice of charging you if you bring luggage, I wouldn't have much there with me to pass the time should I need a mental escape. I guess I can bring my computer without issue, so there is that. Clothes-wise I'll have to travel rather light.

I suppose I should make up my mind soon. I don't think the tickets are going to drop in price and it looks like they are fairly booked up. Flights to Miami are already prohibitive. Ft Lauderdale is the only hope which means they have to drive a long way to pick me up and drop me off.

It is tempting to call the whole thing off, but I think I'll forever regret it if I do. This may be a last chance of some kind. It seems that way but I can't say why. Once in awhile my hunches pan out. Usually they are probably off. I don't know because I generally forget the hunch.

Won't You Donate to My Cause?

My remaining family consists of a brother and his offspring, as well as an aunt and her off spring. I have other cousins on my father's side but they refuse to communicate. That was a huge surprise to me, but I get the idea that my father and his wife must have said some things which put me and my brother in a bad light. It is too bad because he would only have done that to cover his own abuses.

Then again, if people are dimwitted enough to go by hearsay and not find out for themselves when it comes to the character of others, I guess they deserve what they get, or don't get.

This Christmas is one in which all of my brother's brood, small though it is, will be together in Florida. They have encouraged me, more than they normally would, to show up. I think it is because this won't be a yearly gathering. Now that his sons are hooked up with good looking, splendid chicks, they will do the holidays with their sweethearts families at least every other year.

It used to be an annual gathering and my mother was there for most of those. I finally began showing up, too, and I rarely had a better time. Maybe I never had a better time. My sister in law's brother (not sure of correct syntax for that possessive, so this will do) is married to a good looking Cuban and they have the best party of all time on Dec 24th, the Buena Noche party, or something close to that name.

I've not been there for the last couple of years. Maybe three.

Somehow I am not sure if there will be more gatherings which have that same flair after this one. So, I think I should go. Besides I don't know what my future will bring, if anything. I feel more mortal than usual lately.

That is where you can help. This trip will cost plenty and if I am to see Texas cousins and my aunt, and make it to Tavernier in the Florida Keys (just south of Key Largo), then your contributions may be necessary. A few hundred from ten of you would be great, or just send me a few thousand or more. The sky's the limit!!

I'll work on ways to make it tax deductible. And you can rest easy knowing that I will plant things all along the way to offset your carbon footprint.

I'll send you a certificate which proves you are fighting climate change and making life better for mutant hermits. That's an offer no one could resist.

Thank you in advance for taking responsibility for my wanderlust and family ties.

Interesting Ideas Never Cease to Occur

Whether you think the sky is falling or that we're all going to hell in a handbasket, people continue to create. Even if Al Gore or your local university guru suggests that there are only so many ways to do something, someone out there will prove them wrong.

That is the error of subsidizing chosen industries, especially in the field of energy production and conservation. You promote a narrow band of technology in doing so, when it is likely that other things which would survive the market suffer as a consequence. Time and money end up being wasted on things that are probably not the best approach. It happens.

An interesting reader who seems to know plenty about me sent me this link The linked story tells the tale of a guy who has created a machine that uses microwave technology to extract fuels out of many every day objects, and it yields more energy producing gases and substances than it uses.

Here's a picture of the guy and his pal. He's lighting the torch off of fuel from the recycle device. You can throw tires in there and get all kinds of good things. This idea is an excellent one which doesn't involve screwing up land, taxing manufacturing companies for carbon footprint or any of that. It only makes sense that things like this would be developed. But does it please those who only see solutions in mandate, taxing, and controlling all? Doubtful.

It cheers me up to discover that people have created great new inventions or clever designs. I realize when those things come to my attention that life and being human is not about pain, suffering and jumping into causes formulated by those who will forever create, then combat such problems, but about the thrill of seeing a thought about something that improves life reach fruition, and about enjoying the good things which are in one's personal world. The collective hoopla is primarily a limiting factor when it comes to the good things.

 But I guess the creators are not the bulk of humanity, and the majority will forever be confused by them. Of course some creative people do use the herd to lock out others when they lack the integrity to do otherwise, but that is very often not the case. Many and inventor has been too busy and focussed on his ideas to even comprehend the corruption which gets in the way.

There are some really cool things out there. Thank you Verbi for sending some of them to my attention.

Is This Man Insane?

Or just evil...

"It's very clear that private-sector jobs have been doing just fine; it's the public-sector jobs where we've lost huge numbers, and that's what this legislation is all about," Reid said on the Senate floor.

Harry Reid, you are a whore who knows no shame, and you never cease to reach new depths in proving that you think citizens of this country are idiots. Your checks from the unions such as SEIU are in the mail.

Blazing on a sunny afternoon, in a summertime

It became summer again. I thought we'd slipped straight into winter, then we had some hot days over 85 degrees. No way to figure this climate.

Exciting Times With Magic Wax

Once upon a time I was clueless about the finish on the Englishman's garage doors. Misinformation mixed with rare initiative led to a disaster which I feared might cost me thousands of dollars to make right.

I wrote about it at the time. I fretted and searched for answers, and fretted some more. Then I met Raul who had applied the magic finish in the first place. He kindly let me in on the secret. Making the doors right involved sacred rituals, culminating in the application of Raul's secret Santeria wax formula. It smelled a bit like gasoline, and looked like black shoe polish.

Those were the days; probably 100 hours hand sanding the textured wood, then performing the prescribed rites. The end result was stellar and saved my reputation. He told me to re-apply the stuff every six months or so, and to charge a lot. I still don't charge enough.

It has been more than six months, maybe more than I year--I lost track. I had some of the formula left over from before but it was pretty well solidified. To solid to brush onto anything. You brush this paste on then after awhile, wipe off the excess.

I do not possess a gas can and don't have a lawn mower and homeowner implements so I only keep gas in the car. It was my first choice for something to soften the dark glob of sacred material. Then I recalled that the person who revealed the elements which combine to make this stuff said "or diesel fuel" right after listing gasoline as final ingredient.

Being the clever one, I thought to myself, "mineral spirits is not so different from diesel fuel. That is what I used and it appears to have worked, although the behavior of the coating was a little different. I'm not sure it didn't work better. It dried more slowly so I treated larger areas before wiping it down. The ticket is for the dark stuff to remain in nooks, crannies, and crevices. It gives it a aged, rustic look while leaving a waxy soft feel to the wood.

Eight hours later I was done. These are big doors. Six of them.

Now I am an expert. And that makes me think it is time to find another source of income. It is nice to do something like that a couple of times, but in reality I am not Mr Home repair and maintenance. It is like the teak. OK. I learned, I experimented with ways to deal with a couple of different types of it and I did the maintenance. Now it is repetitive and not much for holding my attention.

But, until I get the alternative decided, and up and running I better keep this stuff going. It does give me the inside line on this administration, and some glimpse of how they live on the other side. People in some ritzy areas are no fun at all. That is clear. But you go to some other ritzy 'hoods and those people have fun. Even the trophy wives and trophy teens are more personable.

In Rancho Pricko their greatest fear is being caught smiling or being courteous if there is no obvious social or business advantage to be had. I guess you get thrown out for that, or they take away your sugar daddy or trophy wife. Or trophy gigalo, just to be PC. Truthfully you see very little of that. Tennis pros are the trophies of the trophies, but that is somewhat on the sly.

It is always interesting to see how people behave in certain settings though. That kind of thing has long been studied in my travels. The puzzling aspect is why that particular circle of people, or that town, has so many very wealthy people who seem so unhappy or angry. Rich people should be happy, even though it is considered evil to be rich if you listen to news.

Rude, polite, happy, or bitter, I whole heartedly approve of wealth. Wealthy people pay far better than poor folk, and they have more bizarre and interesting projects quite often. Do not hate the rich. Their wealth is not the reason for your lack of it. Not a zero sum situation.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Maybe They Make It All Up

Being in the least is best school of public management and politics, I tend to favor most of Ron Paul's agenda. But even if I didn't I would find it transparently manipulative the way Romney and Perry keep getting shoved to the front of this republican debacle.

Hell, Cain is as much or more of a front runner than either of them. Just like always, two choices are being narrowed down for us through clever PR. What gets me is how the major media outlets are tools of whatever or whomever is orchestrating this farce.

It is hard to watch this game. Given my philosophy as hinted at above, it is obvious I am not at all on the same page with Obama. Allegedly this band of republicans is out to get one of their own elected in his place. Is it just me, or does it look like they are doing everything they can to ensure another term for the big O? And in the process pave the way for more Pelosi types.

You'd think the time is right for people who don't believe in the present economic policies, foreign policy, etc. to do well in elections. The trouble is, anyone like that is painted as a kook regardless of documented support.

It is impossible to know the truth of the Occupy events without being there, and I have no desire to go see for myself. But from what I hear it is not a ground swell of support for the present administration. That doesn't mean much. I suspect it is like many such events; people show up and say whatever doesn't rock the boat with their peers.

It is also reported that 15% are unemployed. That means the vast majority of them are not people frustrated because they don't have a job, if that statistic is correct. Not that I care. Still, it is bizarre that Obama, whose policies enriched those being villanized, is the one attempting to capitalize on whatever this movement is. Looks to me like it could have been hijacked by almost anyone.

Anyway, I can't believe the spectacle the supposed opposition to the current administration is making of themselves. At least the ones the news covers, insisting they are front runners. They insisted they were front runners before their numbers actually supported it. They forgot Dr. Paul was even around. He at least conducts himself in a civil manner and shows a bit of class. So does Cain. I think, given fair coverage, that Cain and Paul would be the front runners. And lately friggin Grinchgrinch (I know. I just like to make the name how I choose) is showing more class and savvy than the two appointees of the press and whoever pulls their strings.

Since the laws and structure make third party efforts almost impossible, I have to pay attention to this circus. Besides, I still tend to dig Paul. Especially because he's come out wanting to eliminate a slough of federal agencies. I haven't checked the list yet, but I doubt I'd mind if he got his way.

It just seems so staged, or surreal, or something. It just can't be real. I only caught bits and pieces of the latest debate which unfortunately stopped short of a cage fight between the Mittmeister and Ricko. I guess they figure any attention is better than none so they went for it. It is becoming obvious that the repubs will once again offer something I do not consider acceptable. Just like last time.

I don't think McCain would have been much better than Obama, or different. Not worse, most likely. So, I had to vote third party. People say that is throwing away the vote. I think not. I couldn't vote for the winner, and I prefer to have my vote count among those who want something akin to freedom.

But, putting what I think aside, does anyone believe the GOP is actually trying to set up for a win? I don't. I saw them insist on losing when Clinton bumped Bush 1 out of office. It became clear during the fray that he had no intention of winning.

If I didn't know better, and I don't, I would say forces are at play which would fit the criteria of a conspiracy. And that could give rise to a theory. Only I have no theory.

The other bit of news that is true but sounds too bizarre to be true involves a guy in Nevada whose jewel package weighs over 100 lbs. It only grew like that in the last few years and they don't know why. They ruled out diseases which can cause that. Seriously, to put it in G rated terms, I'm talking the family gems. 100 lbs. It has ruined his life. He has to wrap them up and can hardly get around. No love life for sure, and he can no longer work. They can do an operation but it will cost a million bucks. He's hoping the publicity will get him some kind of donations to get his junk back down manageable. All his junk hasn't blown up like that, just the two eggs. I don't think he can even see the remaining item in the package trio at this stage.

It makes one appreciate what he has without any thought that maybe he got shorted. Maybe someone said, "Why don't you grow a set!" and he took it too much to heart. No one would say that now. I hope he gets it fixed and lives happily ever after. It does confirm the notion that more trouble is generated from that part of the body than from all other sources in the universe combined. Usually the trouble is of a different nature, but trouble all the same.

On the other hand, if having cajones gives you the nerve to do great things, this guy should have no shortage of gall and initiative.

Truth Is, I'm Not Tempted

Previously, I pretended to be tempted to take a side. The truth is that there isn't a side worth taking in most of the matters that enter the public media outlets.

My side is that what you do is not my business until you cross over into my world's limits. That is called freedom.

The other night I was listening to one of Art Bell's old shows. They play vintage Art Bell on Saturday nights. He was talking to a guy from PETA. I only listened for awhile, partly because I was driving, and partly because they were debating carnivore vs vegetarian. Both of them were out in left field somewhere.

Most people seem to assume that I have an agenda when they don't me, but find out I'm not a carnivore. I do not. If you don't try to cook me, then eat what you want. I support hunters and ranchers. They are exercising their choice, and serving the desires of others.

The bad part is when the people who decide I have some evangelical dietary agenda start arguing before I've said anything. I'm not going to defend my choice, and I don't care why you make your choices. It is highly annoying when it can't be left at that. I recently got lectured about enzymes and all manner of things which do not interest me. I do not plan to change because I already considered it and found I just couldn't do it willingly. Nurses can be the worst when it comes to things like that. They tend to believe everything the AMA puts out there. I don't, but I don't try to make anyone do it my way, either.

That must be the difference. Most people do not possess the self control or reasoning ability required not to try to make you do it their way, even though it in no way actually affects them. That is the crux of many conflicts and problems in the world.

That is what irked me about the PETA guy. He was pleasant but definitely wants the world to operate as he does. I figure if it really is more energy efficient and beneficial, then eventually that is what people will do, given that gangster groups in the form of lobbies and government don't get in the way. I am not expecting a change of everyone's tastes and desires, nor do I care if they change what they eat.

It offends me that Michele Obama goes around telling people how to eat. At least on public money, it offends me. We've got enough ridiculous discussion about obesity, all of it an excuse to dip into the taxpayer's pocket. So, take a side as to what and how you should eat? I'll pass. Don't eat me, and don't give me lectures about how unhealthy and unnatural I am, or must be.

But you see how easy it is to get a topic going which is really no one's business to push one way or the other, then define camps and go at it? That's one of the areas where I veer off from PETA and most nouveau vegetarians. I've always been this way, and it is not a political or public policy statement. It should not be with anyone. IDIOTS.

But my experience has been more from the other side; people constantly wanting to change me or argue my diet without the slightest suggestion from me that I am interested in their opinions or care what they do. Dare to stray from the herd and you will get fried. Or grilled, or roasted.

Some of that is human nature rooted in survival, but much of it is rooted in insecurity and a refusal to evolve to keep up with where we ought to be by now. The new push for tribalism and grouping in antagonistic ways is not a move forward, and feeds the petty pleasure of being part of a herd. It is not the best of human nature by any stretch of the imagination.

I suppose I could find solace if I were a transgendered lesbian vegetarian, and then if you hurt me it could be a hate crime. As it is I will leave the politics of what people eat, and of religion and color to the usual suspects.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Fighting, Sleeve Rolling, Shovels and Boots

The longer I live, the more I'm amazed at the total nonsense highly paid officials speak, while on our dime, without shame, and without consequence.

The last couple of years have seen meaningless phrases like "boots on the ground" and "shovel ready". I say meaningless because in the context used, those phrases have proven to either mean the opposite of what you think, or nothing at all.

Why use a term like "shovel ready"? First off, shovels aren't always used, and rarely the tool of choice for meaningful ground breaking. We use front end loaders and other heavy equipment. Whatever the case, the money being played with in that shell game did not actually find its way to much that makes sense to anyone.

But, got to give credit where credit is due; when the going got tough--in politico terms that means they are having trouble pushing the paper they want to push---they "roll up their sleeves" and get to work!! That roll up the sleeves thing is used a lot, but what does that prove? Is the A/C on the blink in the Dirkson building?

But wait, "we're fighting for you"! What does that mean? Is it like Hoffa and the union guys who will club me with a stick if I choose to work at a place where they won"t? Fighting who and what, I wonder.

Do you think they roll up their sleeves and start punching out people in the Capitol? Maybe that is why they are always talking about things on the House floor. Lots of the boots on the ground in the congress chambers must be attached to people flat on their backs who've been fighting for money to spend on shovel ready jobs.

The boots thing just seems almost disrespectful. Usually, boots on the ground, as I understand it, refers to humans in the military "over there" possibly getting shot at. So to make it sound more pristine and to cloud the fact that we are involved in a skirmish, we call them "boots". If they are walking around in the crossfire I guess that constitutes on the ground. If they are doing some other thing then we just ignore that matter altogether.

I wonder if they issued moccasins and bedroom slippers to get around that boots snafu. I haven't noticed any less involvement, or any more success in the wars which have other names I can't keep track of.

There's been some bedroom slipper talk. "Time to take off the bedroom slippers and put on the marching shoes, we got work to do". Not sure what that means, but never do officials speak of work in the terms I do. They aren't sanding down teak furniture or running front end loaders, or chopping wood. What they mean is that they want others to do things they don't want to do, or buy things they do not want to buy. Work to the elected official, and appointees, is generally synonymous with extort. "We've got money to extort! Everyone, roll up your sleeves!!"

Work to do usually means make laws to somehow filter more money through them. That's always how it works.

This administration does seem to have thing about footwear; boots on the ground, take off the bedroom slippers, putting on your marching shoes. There may be other examples, but I only keep up so much. My stomach is strong, but I have my limits. I don't even remember what Bush talked about in the way of fashion items. I admit I rarely listened, much like now, except this guy does far more speech giving, so it is hard to miss entirely.

I think sleeves is a general fixation for all politicians. I've heard the thing of rolling up sleeves forever. Some official says he's going to roll his sleeves up, watch out! he means business.

The sad thing is that people think they are supposed to glean some meaning from the rhetoric of these clowns. I guess it is because reporters pretend it has meaning and spend hours analyzing it, discussing such things as "his mood", "forceful demeanor" and sometimes his clothes or shoes.

People who are lying, and know they are doing, or have done, something wrong, talk like that. Everyone has seen it in daily life, from their wayward sons and daughters, neighbors who ruin your lawn mower, crooked boss or coworker, sneaky customer, etc. You know in those cases you're being scammed and the issue is being smoke screened. We don't always do anything about it, but we know. In the case of these officials, the personal attachment is not even there, so why do we allow ourselves to be continually talked to like ripe marks by these con men/women?

Most likely because they tell us we'll somehow get paid and that none of our troubles are our fault or could possibly be remedied by anyone other than them. They offer to relieve us of responsibility, and even though anyone knows the language of liars, we pretend because it is easy.

Tomorrow, I am going to roll up my sleeves, with boots on the ground and fight to complete a shovel ready job involving Raul's secret santeria wood goo, and some shutter clips.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


I was able to see the movie on DVD. Someone involved with the ownership of the horse had a house near me in Miami. I never spoke to them but my mother did. What I recall is how they described the horse to her. That made the movie all the more interesting.

Back then, I had no idea what the Kentucky Derby was, but then came Secretariat and my mother's conversation with the people. I watched as the horse set records in all legs of the triple crown. Although his Preakness record wasn't granted, two independent sources clocked him as finishing in record time. The official clock got screwed up and one track guy hand clocked it slower, but it is likely that guy erred.

No horse ever won by such a margin or in the record time he set when he blasted through the Belmont Stakes course. The amazing thing was that the crazy horse was still accelerating at the end.

The actual name they called him was Big Red. It was news to me, but the reason you see such bizarre names in those races is that some committee has to approve the name you submit. I think the first ten names they sent in for Big Red were rejected.

In the movie and in the story told to my mother it was stressed how intelligent that horse was. And how much he wanted to win. I have no idea why I find something about great horses so appealing, but I do. I've hardly ever ridden, but I understand how people could get hooked on that world. It is often a hard life but there is something about it.

Secretariat was the coolest horse ever. And his owner has a story all her own. She went against all odds just to keep the farm, thanks to oppressive estate taxes. I'll never get why something which has been taxed forever has to be taxed again just because it is willed to a person. That is not right, and those who think you do not have a right to see your property go to whom you choose when you die are just mad because it doesn't go to them.

Anyway, I liked the movie. I'm not too critical of how it could have been done differently because I love seeing the race scenes re-enacting what actually happened, then seeing old footage of the real thing. There is no way they exaggerated. What that horse did was amazing enough that it would have seemed pure fantasy before he did it. Especially his Belmont win.

I did find out that the Derby is 1 1/4 miles, the Preakness is 1 3/16 and the Belmont, 1 1/2miles. All the hot shots thought he'd fade on the long race. What they did not know is that Secretariat's heart was actually over twice the size of a normal heart for a horse that size. And it was very healthy. I love it when the smug ones get their come-uppance.

Some people think it is a violation of animal rights to race horses. In the case of Secretariat, I think he liked to race and enjoyed it like a performer loves doing a show in front of a big crowd. Maybe that was one animal who didn't need a self appointed lawyer to speak for him. Save it for the bears and sharks.

When you consider the relationship between humans and horses, and dogs, it is clear that the development of civilization would have been far different without them. It's a strange thing, really; riding on the back of an animal. Somehow it does seem perfectly natural, though.

So Tempting to Pick a Side

When you can name enemies and have plenty of company who will go along, it is hard not to vent frustration on the selected groups. The trouble is, the broad brush almost always leaves out important facts and ignores the real path of cause and effect.

There are always plenty of people who will spout facts and such so actually taking the time to tediously research every facet of thing is not necessary. Never mind that the story told is never all inclusive. That would be almost impossible to do anyway, like trying to control the behavior and choices of millions from some central planning committee. It's like trying to balance nature by decree.

When Tea Party stuff first came out, I was in agreement with most of it; contain governmental power and size, quit trying to spend money to fix problems which arose from spending too much and in places better left not in government hands. But then various people jumped to the front of the line and it became clear this movement broadened in scope and often the self appointed leaders espoused things I find irrelevant when speaking of what government ought do or not do. I still agree that it is good to have a constitution and eliminating things which violate the limits it placed on central power is fine.

I'm somewhat on board with a state's rights agenda, but I fully believe their powers ought to be severely limited as well. I give them the right to secede but if they are just wanting to limit individual freedom, bad news. It is a sticky thing.

If it is news to anyone that very wealthy interests have served to corrupt every process in which the government is involved, then you've been deaf, dumb and blind up until now. They've even used the military in ways which seem odd and not fair to the people who serve, let alone the people who just work, raise families and try to get by.

So, in some ways I agree with the Occupy crowd. Things should not be as they are. Beyond that, I doubt many would be in accord with my views. For one thing, I abhor mob actions which stop traffic or impede the daily lives of others. I think it was in Boston that there activities prevented the Food Bank's planned food drive. And the Brooklyn Bridge thing was out of bounds in my mind.

I've yet to see a sign which says "This Is What Respectful Individual Freedom Looks Like". Maybe because none of us have ever lived or known of a time when people resisted the temptation to curb the behavior of others, even when it was not a threat to them or others. The twentieth century was cluttered with rationalizations and weak arguments justifying dictating the choices of others in the name of cost to society or the greater good. Too bad. It has done the opposite of raise the level and character of civilization on most fronts.

What often happens in times like these is that one group pushes the buttons of other groups, who are equally loathe to figure out they are all being played in one way or another, and the next thing you know, someone goes home crying, or in a box. Then that is used to fan the fire even more. True reason and principle are so far lost that trying to find the root of the mess is impossible.

I do not know how things should be structured. My feeling is that minimal structure and minimal restraint on individual freedom is the place to start. All the best efforts in the other direction have led to amazing theories and rationalizations but not a more sane peaceful world. Instead of having a war every now and then with clear losers and winners who go home and relax for awhile, we have never ending "peace keeping" missions, nation building and reorganizing enterprises and police actions. Half the time we fight those we armed for some other vague purpose. I just can't buy the excuses, based on how the efforts are conducted.

And the results? Most of it is so foreign to anything we know, we aren't even sure what the results are. Someone is making money and achieving more and more control over the public. I think the broad title of Wall Street misses the mark by a mile. I would say I can't prove it, but I believe if I dedicated my life to it, I could prove it. But I admit, I have no desire to do that.

I just want to have a clean house and no complications before I die. And I hope to steer clear of all official authorities and mobs who may decide that I am the problem.

Occupy My House

Wait, if I focus on my own banking practices and other habits, then I have to protest myself.

I take it back. I'm all for occupy everything else. Whatever it is, it is all their fault.

Maybe others do not notice, but I find that when people pile on to some movement such as this, especially the ones which appear to not respect private property and other rights of those not involved, it becomes less about ideals and more about senseless power.

I hope it doesn't end badly---I am sure those who funded this and are sitting in their mansions enjoying it are depending upon their "Kent State moment" emerging soon.

Remember, what pure democracy looks like is a lynch mob. It may not be the lofty goal its touted to be. Street mobs are more what the French revolution and things like that look like. It very rarely ends well, and almost always creates a cleanup and maintenance headache for others.

The world is such that I couldn't really improve my own lot significantly without some changes in the way everything else works. I blame too many people and institutions to list. I even blame you. I'm kidding. My demons are not something all the king's men can fix. I doubt they are even detectable by the TSA. I think that only I can fix my troubles.

To me it is not a move toward the sort of society I'd like when mobs gather in front of people houses. Of course it isn't the society I want when someone like Jimmy Hoffa is given the national stage and treated as respectable when everyone knows he's behind thuggery.

All of it is a tangled mess because there are very wealthy tricksters and it goes round and round. Glad I haven't borrowed anything lately and refused credit cards I knew I couldn't afford to use.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Metaphorically Speaking, I Suck

It sometimes worries me that I don't offer elegant descriptive narrative full of poetic metaphors, similes, and whatever else falls in that realm of prose. Somehow describing my life as, "Like spring on a summer's day", just doesn't resonate with anyone.

I'd use phrases such as, "it's like taking a the nude". But I couldn't live with myself.

I remember way back in early post flower power years when the big thing was herbal shampoos and such. They had this young woman on an ad, being all woodsy in her woodsy hippy chick garb, saying, "I like the idea of nature, and all". I couldn't live with myself if I wrote that, either. She was cute, too.

The IDEA of nature? WTF? But, that is how it is seen. There is nature, and there is humanity; mutually exclusive sets. You can't possibly reason with that sort of thinking. It is to attempt to ride with Hells Angels, on a Suzuki 450, while reciting and explaining the Constitution, and pointing out why violating the rights of others is an affront to freedom.

See what I mean? That one hit the nail on the head. (<--a metaphor and cliche all in one, if I'm not mistaken. If I am please gently correct me)

I'm still trying to find out what the "bridge" in the "cross the bridge into the 21st century" represents. From the measures those people wanted to push, and are pushing, I'd think "herd you with bulldozers into the compound from which no one escapes" would have been more fitting.

What kind of fools need to be led from this day to the next day? Doesn't matter what you call it, a day is just a day whether it occurs at a point in time which coincides with 2100 years since the point at which they want to count or not. If you live through the night, you wake up and you are there. Just like yesterday and the day before.

But don't mind me, I'm but a lone wolf howling at the moon, hoping against hope** to get lucky before night's end.

**Does that phrase, "hoping against hope" make anyone else cringe like it does me? Friggin Dan Rather used to say that a lot. Those were the times when he most got on my nerves. He was a tick that this old hound couldn't get rid of. Much like the damned army of raccoons who make mischief here on Ballistic Mountain.

It is as if the night sky is falling and my only hope is to stand erect, head held high, as a towering lighthouse, piercing the heavy darkness as it weighs down upon me, finding home within its mysterious and stormy depths.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

In A Vacuum

That's OK 'cause you'll be sorry.

I miss the critic's misguided insights dammit. Maybe I complain too much.

Every once in awhile I realize how spoiled I must be-=-living in the spectacular western USA in an area where you can survive with only a fan and a space heater. The mountains and the ocean are close enough to go and come back in one day. The west, in general is just a different animal.

Despite the fact that too many people in CA are absolutely nuts, and would regulate whether you leave the toilet seat down or not if they could, something about "out west" has a different feel about it. As different as this is from Colorado, it still has a kindred aspect to it. No question, I find parts of Colorado to be beyond amazing. But, it does a body good to know the ocean is nearby.

Too bad it isn't the Atlantic. The east coast beach swimming conditions are far better but CA has many many miles of really good beach. If only this climate change thing would make the gulf stream run over here and swap the Atlantic and Pacific. And send these crazy monarchists and fans of totalitarianism back east as well. Leave the good looking wimmins here as long as they aren't trying to outlaw eating fish or bears or something.

You have to license your stupid dog every year here. Just like your car, they send you a bill to renew. I'm sure someone who loves regulation will explain why that is for the greater good, but I am not one who buys it. Even if the dog is not stupid you pay. Most of the time these supposed protections for the community are worse than the problem they claim to address.

Seems that little outburst of mine at the neighborhood craft fair/bake off/musical event made an interesting impression on some people. I suppose that is good.

At least more people now wave as they drive up or down the hill past me in their reckless abandon way. And from G2's wife who is all into ballistic mountain gossip, I understand I am a topic of discussion in some circles. I feel so important. I'm almost famous on Ballistic Mountain. Our group, Copper Creek is the celebrity band of Gaskill Peak.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

You Can't Have It Both Ways

It is a well known fact that if you disagree with, or do not support the administration of, Barack Obama, you are a racist.

Now the same people who pronounced the above immutable law of nature have decided that if you are, or support, Herman Cain, you are a racist.

The first law of Obama politics seems to assume that you are a racist in that you could only disagree with him if you are anti-Black, or anti-African-American, or anti-African---you choose. I still stand fast in my opposition to hyphenating nationalities or continents.

Since Herman Cain is black, I am not sure how his racism, and that of those who like him, is defined. We can only assume that Al Sharpton and others who make their living off of racial conflict are the arbiters of who and what is racist, and who is properly "Black enough". Of course, Herman Cain isn't because he is a capitalist and he is not a democrat.

Everyone knows that if you aren't a democrat, you cannot possibly be Black. (even though the first free Black members of congress were Republican, and the KKK used to be a very active part of the Democratic party---last of which was maybe Robert Byrd who was eulogized not long ago by democrats in Washington after he finally died and quit running for office)

Until people quit suckering for the politics of race and condition of birth, the Plantation will continue to grow, people will continue to be blinded to their own humanity, opportunity, and chance to enjoy life. The autonomy of the individual will continue to be eroded unless this philosophically unsound way of thinking is seen for what it is; a way to make money for a few, and a way to perpetuate hate and misery for many.

I don't care if it is the Congressional Black Caucus, the KKK, La Raza, or the Black Panthers--all such groups are purely motivated by a few who want to feel powerful and stand above those they lead by instilling the victim mentality, and treating ethnicity, gender and any other condition of birth as some sort of character value. Race, gender, none of that is a character value, idiots!! It is not relevant to the word "rights". Reason and logic, right and wrong, do not know color, so repent your crimes and shut up, Al, Jesse, KKK, Nazis, iota of a Black Panther.

It is not relevant to individual freedom, to anything that has to do ensuring maximum individual autonomy in a civil society. That is what government is for--protect the rights of the people, starting with the individual. That is why it is supposed to have limits and if our judges and politicians had ever read and adhered to the Constitution instead of raping the spirit and meaning to accomplish their own elitist ends, maybe I wouldn't be discussing this.

That would please some people. I think it would please me.

If someone told me I wasn't white enough because of my philosophy of how my country ought be governed, I'd have to laugh at them. Why does no one laugh when people debate whether Herman Cain is black enough? Why didn't they do something of the kind when all those self appointed gauges of blackness were questioning if Obama was black enough?

I cannot believe people don't speak up en masse to shout down so-called black leaders, hispanic leaders, and while they are at it, so-called business leaders and labor leaders. It is conditioning and Herman is right, most of us have been brainwashed, even though he did not say that exactly since he was focussing on questions about one "community". Most of us are brainwashed in a Pavlovian kind of way. Or bought off real cheap. How many decent union members turn a blind eye to the mob connections and gangster tactics? And they call Wall Street greedy?

At least the KKK gets laughed out of town quite often. It is time to do the same to all these other racists, Hispanic supremacists, and Black supremacists. That is what they are. Racist charlatans conning people, at worst, and serious racial chauvinists who believe their race is better and should rule others at best.

Although, I'm not sure which of those two choices is better or worse. I let it stand. At least in the second case they actually believe something. In the first case they are just fueling weaknesses in human nature and cashing in, knowing they are unjust and crooked.

It is hard for people not to latch on to the victim mentality--it eliminates the need to undergo that uncomfortable process known as introspection; self examination. The victim mentality not only causes people to suspend normal values and respect for others, it causes them to let go of reasoning to a dangerous degree.

Child Review: Offspring of Bureaucrats in High Positions

OK. Mr. Morebucks, who owns the place where I do various jobs, is very well connected politically, clearly because he is very well set financially. He's one of the back seat drivers of things governmental, and believe me, things governmental are guided more by those you don't see, riding in the back seat, than those in front waving and honking the horn.

I think that was some sort of metaphorish statement, but probably is full of flaws any English major would note and find disquieting.

Whatever it was, I stand by by it.

So, people in high places sometimes vacation at Mr Morebucks SoCal resort home. He is rarely there; maybe three weeks out of the year divided among two or three visits. He hires a full time house manager to handle the bills, hire people like me and make sure his rowdy friends have whatever they want when they descend on the place. Most of his friends are in one way or another connected to politics or government, either nationally or in the land of dead voters. That reference allows the astute who remember what put Kennedy and others over the top to narrow it down to a city. Others will just have to assume it is irrelevant.

OK, a guy who is high enough up that government agents accompany the family on vacation came to stay with his hot wife and bratty kids. The kids broke the electric wooden gate in the first fifteen minutes. Somehow they managed to force the operating arm of the thing to pull out from its mount which meant two lag bolts were ripped out of the wood. Not the best lag bolt installation to begin with, but this took effort and persistence.

I did not find out how it happened until today. The maid saw them arrive. I was called to go fix it that day. I was able to do a temporary repair, then the next day the gang was to be gone all day so I returned and did my usual excellent work installing a permanent fix. I had to pick up some things based on the previous day's observations. That is how such things work--fiddle and fit. You have to go see what the problem is then hope you can find the right thing to fix it. This one worked out.

Today I went back to do the usual putting things away and covering things up that I do when the guests hit the road...or in most cases, the private jet.

Those kids must have a thing about doors on hinges. They managed to destroy the hinges on a cabinet door. It is a pretty good sized cabinet which houses some sound equipment. It is all operated by remote and there is no reason to even be in there. Finding the same type hinge is going to be a trick. What I did was trade out the top hinge for the bottom one of a smaller door with the same hardware. The cabinet has three different types of hinges for various reasons.

The door has to close or a light stays on; like a refrigerator door, except this one is de-energized by a button the door has to press against when closed. I barely got it to work, but it is not noticeably screwed up unless you are a cabinet nazi. In that case you'd notice that it is not perfect.

The thing is, the parents watched as their kids set out to mess up the big wooden driveway doors/gate, and did absolutely nothing. Judging from the spoiled and entitled behavior of guests at this place; they break things, leave trash laying around, etc. and never say to the "help", oh we busted this or that. They just go on their merry way and maybe complain about something like, "We couldn't get the windows in the hall to open". Of course those would be the only windows that do not open because they are panes of glass mounted in the wall and not intended to open.

Seriously these people are mentally deficient. But, they are in high places and buds with the President. Far be it from me to draw any conclusions from that.

Their kids are destructive little brats, and the parents do not take responsibility for their actions, or for guiding the kids away from abusing that which is not theirs.

Late era baby boomers. Really, when a baby boomer has decent kids or is a human being of character, it is always an exciting event, so what do I expect? I honestly think my generation is mostly dimwits and devoid of common courtesy and understanding of the rights of others. Many of them have spawned even more vile beings than themselves.

I know it sounds like I am being harsh, but I've found it is not only I who have experienced maybe one out of twenty self declared friends who would lift a finger when it mattered to you, and one out of fifty who would do so if it in any way was an inconvenience. It is the nature of our peers.

My only worry now is that the actuator which moves the wooden gate is so well fastened that they might destroy it next time if they go about things the same way. It is not a lightweight piece of hardware. The thing is substantial. We'll see. I charged about triple because it was an emergency call and I was on my way home. The house manager was all about paying me a premium for my prompt attention to the situation. For that I am grateful.

I should remain grateful for the work but, I have to say, I am getting a little bored and feel like I am stagnating. Time to create what has not been created. What would that be? Maybe a start would be an organized domicile.

So, from my limited experience, I have to give bureaucrats' kids two thumbs down. One star out of five. A 1, on a scale of 1 to 10---10 being best.

Who Knew?

I had no idea that, for some reason, certain comments were stashed in a place waiting for me to approve them. Blogger calls that moderation. Since I rarely do anything in moderation, I had no idea that thing was there.

Too bad there were only three comments and on posts I forgot I wrote. The up side is that I often don't recall entries as recent as a few days back. Especially when I'm in one those periods where I post lots of entries in a short time.

Of course all the comments were very positive, noting that I am an unsung genius and a man far ahead of his time, and that my genius is only exceeded by my courage and good character.

I'll have to check the moderation bucket more often.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


They say my great grandfather, or maybe it was great great grandfather had a bit of the wanderlust in him. He was a rancher, farmer, and a bit of an adventurer. His main base was in the Kansas territory and upper Oklahoma.

I believe he was one of them in the second land rush in Oklahoma. I get a few of the facts confused. The part I know is correct is that he rode his horse out west, maybe checked out the gold rush as far as California.

Of course he carried a six gun side arm. When he returned to the family in Oklahoma, he had some notches on his gun. I'm thinking gramps may have been a tough hombre. Right or wrong, that makes me feel a little better about my particular gene pool.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Blues Things

I was thinking and wondering, "Why do I not tend to enjoy sharing stories from my past?". I think it is because it makes me sad or brings on remorse and regret. That is the curse of the underachiever, the one who let the one that got away get away, and the one who turned his back on many glaring opportunities which most people wouldn't believe anyway.

When I look back, sometimes I can find an interesting event or story, but behind it is always a sadness that kicks me like a mule. That part may not be relayed all the time, but it causes me to be very resistant to writing about what I've done, and quite happy to write about what I think or to write little flights of fancy which are largely daydream fragments.

Often, the present is without a lot of guilt, remorse or other pain so I might discuss it a little bit. The trouble is it is often without anything else either. Sort of an empty thing. I guess I gravitated toward nothingness because I didn't have the heart to attempt much anything else. Whether socially or otherwise, I don't think I felt up to getting that part of me torn up any more. Not that the heartbreaks haven't been mostly my own fault in one way or another. But, even though it was my fault, it was not my desire and I didn't seem to have the ability not to do whatever that led to it.

Now, in some cases, it was purely my lack of comprehension of some things which was the culprit. Some of that is just how I am wired or how I was schooled, or both. I can't fault myself for the innocence that ignorance carries.

Even so, I have come to realize why I am where I am. What I do not know is what I intend to do about it, or if I can continue like this indefinitely. But, as relative as time is in my world, indefinitely could be a very short time and quite doable.

I do not like the fact that I am not particularly proud of how things have worked out over all. I am proud of a few times when I stood on principle or stood up for people even when they thought I was nuts to do so. The worst thing ever is to cause innocent people pain. Those instances minimized that so I am glad and don't consider they really cost me anything.

It sure does make me want to run sometimes, and just keep going. That's why I liked the aimless roadtrips. I liked the first one best because I did not know where I'd wind up, or even if I'd live to the end of it. The last one was good, but I knew where I was going and that I'd return home. Home is good, but it was obvious I'd find myself still there and that is not that exciting. I could do worse I suppose. It's just that I need so damned much work before being minimally acceptable to myself. Good thing I am willing to put things off and out of mind for long periods of time.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Occupy Descanso!

Ever one to explore ways in which I can stand in solidarinosc with whomever is standing elsewhere, for whatever reason, I decided to initiate the Occupy Descanso effort. It might have gone better.

It seemed only logical to set up camp at Perkins store, as close to the ATM as I could get. That's pretty much the banking presense in Descanso--the ATM. I had my "this is what democracy looks like" sign neatly painted, and carried a bullhorn. I did all the right things.

I repeated everything the facilitator said and wiggled my fingers to show approval of ideas. First order of business was what to sleep on, and where to sleep. They wouldn't let us sleep in the store, and drunks from the adjacent pizza pub kept tripping over us when we tried to set up camp on the front sidewalk.

We then waved our "we are the 99%" sign only to be ridiculed by passers by. They called us "99% crazy!". Undaunted, the facilitator asked for consensus on whether we should throw our trash in their capitalist trash can or if we should burn it to cook bread.

No consensus was reached so we just left it where it was. Soon it got dark and the place was kind of spooky. When the facilitator put forth the proposition that someone, I think the sheriff, brought up, that we go home, I wiggled my fingers in the affirmative.

We'll be back tomorrow in force. Hopefully there will be more occupiers than just me next time. It is not easy facilitating demonstrating and seeking consensus all by myself. Especially the consensus part.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Auto Parts Store Review

Somehow NAPA has the image of knowing what they are doing and being the house of real car parts.

Wrong. Not just in Alpine, but I've noticed this in some other towns, NAPA has arrogant people, who appear to be hoping you will give them reason to start a fistfight, behind the counter sneering as if to say, I know more than you do about your car. But they do not know jack about anything.

They suck. NAPA in Alpine can't even get the simplest part right. You look it up; '08 subaru forester non turbo. You note the part number. You go get it. You wipe that sneer off of your face. High school ended many years ago for you and it looked stupid then, too.

[a note to those who may not know this: California has probably more rednecks than all the Southern states combined, but not more than AZ, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Nevada combined]

I will stop short of indicting the entire NAPA company, but not very short. It has been over ten years since I found a transaction at a NAPA store satisfactory in the long run.

NAPA in Alpine sure sucks. It's like walking into a seriously unfriendly redneck bar out in the sticks. Suddenly your mind starts playing Dueling Banjos.

Auto Zone, and O'Reilly are far better, provide better service, better price and their stuff lasts longer. NAPA somehow went downhill. Judging from some of the employees, I think they may be a front for union goons to cool their heels between vandalism gigs.

It is an outrage that NAPA is Alpine's only parts place. From now on I will just go to the O'Reilly store in Poway. Like most Poway businesses, those people are competent and go out of their way to get you what you need. They don't screw it up.

Can't Figure The Weather

Here I thought I'd returned from m trip to weeks and weeks of 90 and 100 degree days. As it turns out there weren't that many really hot days and then the just disappeared. Our hot times, as best I understand, fall a little more toward fall than they do in other places like Memphis or Ponca City.

This year, it is all different. We've been having nights in the 40's and days that hardly reach 70. Of course that varies greatly just a few miles away in any direction. The coast is always nice and perfect. The desert is hot during the day, fairly cool at night.

I've even seen lots of clouds and some rain this past week. I was expecting to go a month without seeing a cloud in the sky. This certainly was no record breaking summer here. I shouldn't complain. It's just that I was still in the mood for a little bit of hot weather. I'd become acclimated to it on my trip, although some of that was way too hot.

Really, I'm confused about other things, and weather is a good subject for expressing that confusion without delving into the more substantive matters. And it is still all true, what I've said.

Occupy Atlanta Silences Civil Rights Hero John Lewis!

This is not what freedom looks like.
This is how true oppression grows. Let's see if we have a consensus on whether the sky is blue.

I ignore comments on youtube as they are rarely worth the read.

The video the video speaks for itself speaks for itself

Dare I say this is what crazy ass white people look like? Collectivists tend to freak me out because they are intolerant toward those who seek to mind their own business and think for themselves. No need to let a person speak for fear he or she might be thought of as somehow better, smarter, different or that he might offer a differing point of view.

The key to everlasting ignorance is contempt prior to investigation. Another vehicle to ensure ignorance is to practice being a parrot.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Best Way To Beat The Man

Warning: This is another instance which finds me preaching that which I rarely practice, or have a very difficult time practicing.

The Man is actually more of a force than any particular person or even institution. People and institutions can be The Man, but aren't the totality of The Man. The Man is that force which seeks to prevent you from living your life and dreams as you see fit, even if you aren't harming others. To do this He finds ways to keep you paranoid, in fear, angry, envious, confused, and sometimes full of vengeful rage.

How can you fight a thing like that? That's what I've been asking myself, and that leads me to a couple of realizations. One is that I have allowed myself to look at local, national, and world events (as presented in news media and some entertainment shows) and I've suckered right into the desired reaction; despair and a feeling of powerlessness over my life and future. The other realization is that it would be healthier to look and see the positive aspects of life.

If I didn't know about obscure, bizarre regulations which kill businesses and enterprise, I would not let that hinder my thoughts of starting some productive independent effort. Maybe it would work out, and maybe I'd just do things as well and responsibly as I think they should be done and be below the radar. It is better to do that than to let The Man convince me that mere mortals need not apply. That is His goal, and I can't say playing into it is an enlightened approach.

I do consciously make an effort not to be a part of The Man's force, and will continue to do so. And the very best way to do that is to try to avoid being suckered any more into believing that we're all doomed and that no one would pay me to do whatever it is that piques my passion. In short, I will resist the brain washing which would make slaves of us all. Or most of us, except the one's who seem to be the core of the machine that is The Man.

Certain enterprises would be better off moved to another state if any success were realized, but that is nothing to a gypsy like me. First one must begin the project and do the work to make it grow. And not be afraid to fail, or to succeed.

That doesn't mean I won't monitor public affairs, but the reality is that the news is pretty much just a droning message which is aimed toward convincing people that government is the end all and be all of life. The average journalist and news publisher is merely the government's salesman, pitching the idea that government is something greater than people and that it is your only hope for making it to the mailbox alive and for making decisions of every sort. They paint it as a god who knows best how everyone should live and think.

It gets more involved than that, and that is part of the trap. People like to puzzle things out and to have enemies, so there is something for everyone. Except me. I want out.

My happiest days have been days when I was too busy living my life to pay much attention to news and governmental hijinx; getting my heart broken, or breaking hearts, and just generally tasting the beauty of the world and life, bringing ideas to material fruition. Creative endeavors, whether of a technical, artistic or other nature, which tweak one's passion, are more than the spice of life. They are a big part of what makes the human race a special species. Those things are life enhancing and life giving.

An enterprise need not be great and earth shaking to be a spectacularly invigorating aspect of one's life. It could be a hot dog stand, or landing a job you love, or selling homemade products out of the house. It is often better to go for it without a lot of knowledge of possible drawbacks, and without the idea that if attempt 1 yields no results that it is time to quit.

That's my goal--to see some positive and not let The Man sucker me into passionate opinions about things I know little about. Like Wall Street, or any number of things I don't even think are The Man's business. More and more I attempt to resist deciding that some person or group is my enemy based upon info floated out there by The Man.

Blind and ignorant hatred is one of His favorite foods. Sure, there are misguided and even defective souls out there, but rarely is it necessary to squander my energy hating them. Most of the time I am not in a spot to do anything directly about these miscreants. Cross that bridge when I get there. And avoid contributing money to The Man's cause when possible.

When you think of it, who is really benefitting humanity more, masses of people chanting with signs, or dumping grain from rail cars, or someone who started making a product in the basement and now finds the need to hire some helpers, rent a building and continue to improve the product that people have shown they want? I think the producer is the greater humanitarian, in reality.

I've decided that in response to consumer advocates I will become a producer advocate. Anyone can consume, and, speaking for myself, their advocacy is neither needed nor wanted. It takes a lot more to produce. I'd love to figure out the game well enough to get paid to be a producer advocate.

That may be difficult. Consumer advocates make their money by slamming the product and the producer, and often unfairly. Ralph Nader got rich off it. It turns out the Corvair, when run through later government tests, proved superior to most cars on the road. But he managed to kill it without personal consequence. It became a big business--consumerism.

How can I pull the same stunt but as a producer advocate? Maybe I'd have to slam consumers, but everyone is a consumer, or he/she quickly dies. Be that as it may. I now declare myself the new voice for producer advocacy.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Household Tip: Stop the bleeding

Quite often I find a nick or spot that just wants to bleed like a stuck pig. It is inconvenient and I'm in a hurry. Styptic pencil won't quite do it because this is more than the little shaving nick.

What do I use? Krazy Glue or Super Glue. It works. My sources tell me the stuff was invented to hold battlefield wounds together since there is no time for stitches while putting a guy on a stretcher to be hauled to safety by helicopter. That makes sense because it works better on skin than anything else.

There you have it. I stopped a skinned knee from bleeding all over clothes and such and a skinned knuckle from worrying people, all just this week.

I must say, I've used super glue/krazy glue a lot, but with very mixed results. Once I started using it to seal wounds the success rate improved dramatically. It is the only application in which it always works.

The Western Gods Must Be Crazy

The East has always been a different thing, and the idea of individual freedom and maximum choice never seems to have been quite as catchy a thought as it was in the Western world. But we were disorganized barbarians while they were doing the bidding of opium heads and making fancy ceramics and such.

These days it is as if a spell was cast upon intellectuals, government officials, bankers and others in the West. They manufacture crisis after crisis, mostly through efforts to curb freedom in the name of something fuzzy and warm, then cry about the crisis and give more power to those who created the crisis so that they might curb the crisis.

The rationalizations for both the non-solutions and the anger at everyone but the real crisis creators are complicated, clever, and fallacious. What happens is partial truth substitutes for the whole truth.

If I steal a gun from you, then hire a guy to shoot you with it, and then he gets caught and you ask me to punish him and maybe even do something to make sure this doesn't happen to others, that would be kind of strange don't you think? It would become even more bizarre if I act shocked and dismayed and am the most vocal in denouncing this vile crime, even though anyone paying attention knows I planned and facilitated the crime. People know I'm guilty but are willing to pretend otherwise since I pretend innocence.

That is exactly what is going on in this country. Why no one would call me out in the above example is the same reason the real trouble makers keep there jobs in the real world today. But I cannot explain that reason other than to say people like the easy targets, do not care to examine a thought which has too many parts or too much depth, and do not want to appear odd, flakey or uncool by going against the snowball effect of peer pressure. It is unbelievable.

The West had a shot at really expanding the level of freedom their cultures and countries, yet they are hell bent on ensuring quite the opposite. It's all for our own good though, so that makes it holy and right. I'm so happy this obesity crisis and its insane solutions have gone global. If a paternal or maternal higher authority wasn't going to punish me by taxing or outlawing certain foods, or taking even stronger measures, I'd be a 600 pound blob who couldn't even fit into his own tourmobile.

Thank you, diet police. I owe my slimness and ability to see my toes all to you.

Staying Above Water

OK. I still don't know what to call Mr Big that sounds right or fits. He's the money guy that may have more influence over this administration than most. I'll call him the Puppeteer.

So, one of the US Cabinet members came to stay at the puppeteer's socal house with his family, and secret service entourage. Guys like that get secret service too. They use them to run errands, do favors, go to the grocery store. All the stuff we are glad to pay for to keep our elected and not elected officials safe and sound.

As I was readying the place I was carrying some outdoor item, either a long cushion or a pool float from point A to point B. The path I took went right by the end of the spa. It is a concrete pond which is at the end of the larger concrete pond, or swimming pool as we call them in Miami.

The patio is up a few steps where the spa is located. That way it can spill over the waterfall thing down to the pool. I was on that upper patio part looking toward point B, thinking, "I'll put this thing over there". I was holding it so that it blocked any peripheral vision on my right side.

As luck would have it I cut a little too close to the corner of the spa. My left foot was still on solid ground but my right foot went straight down to the first ledge in the spa, about an 18" or so drop--just to the point where the water level reached the bottom of my knee.

You may not know this, but when you are walking and the ground is suddenly way below where it is supposed to be and you do not realize this until you take a step, or later, it is quite a shock and often throws your whole rhythm off, or even kills you.

I still have no idea where my left leg went when I fell. Somehow through my shoe it almost caused my left big toe nail to rip off. It was a sudden and definite pain experience. The positive part is that I only bruised the inside of the right knee rather than break something, and the majority of me landed on dry land.

It seemed like a good idea to just leave the shoe on. For once I wore heavier tie up shoes rather than work barefooted or in moccasins. And I did what needed doing. That was the right thing. The pain became minimal and I didn't have to know what the damage was.

It turns out that the shoe and sock held it so that the blood acted like glue to keep it all together. That kept it from being all that painful later.

Should I sue the government for this mishap? There are no warning signs or barriers. My employer did not supply a helmet. And no one told me that if I am walking that way trying to ready the place for the Secretary of xyz that I could step into the abyss and be nearly maimed for life. I think I could sue the Puppeteer, and the US government, ie, you.

It seriously amazes me that I have a big bump on the inside of my knee which in no way influences its function, and that this toe thing is not painful. I do have it wrapped tight in heavy bandaids, but what luck.

Once again, I've been blessed with minimum consequence for maximum negligence and carelessness. Thank you guardian angels or whatever.

I am pretty sure that, when I go, it will be due to a freak accident of some kind and the actual cause of death will be blunt force trauma. It has happened too many times, and I've come out OK. I just think that one day, whatever watches out for me may be taking a break just at the moment when it happens. Maybe guardians have to go smoke, or pee. If my timing coincides with that, it is curtains.

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