Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Better to Look Good than to Feel Good

So, I get a call telling me my car is all done, ready to roll. I drive down there in the afternoon, and it looks OK. It was hot, bright, and I saw no point in overdoing the once over. Chances are, I'd not have found any issues just by looking.

The paint matched well and appeared to be smooth and silky. Good job. The car drove well, and I was glad to have it back.

I went over to Kevin's to practice with the CopperCreek people here on Ballistic Mountain. Kevin used to be a body shop worker and manager so, of course, he was interested in checking out the work. He agreed that it looked good, said he was nit picking but felt the hook go stand slight adjustment.

Then for some reason I lightly hit the fender on the side with the fat of the side of my hand. Hmm..that doesn't feel right. It feels flimsy. I went to the other side and it felt solid. Kevin took a look.

It seems they had not properly attached the fender liner that goes above the wheel and it must be missing the brace, internally which gives the fender some structural integrity.

Oh well, back to the shop in the morning. Quality control must be sorely lacking at this shop. Now I hope nothing falls off on the way in. Everything does look good, but as we all know, looks do not cover all the bases.

I'm trying to just keep cool and calm, knowing it will be OK, but if I were the manager at such a place of business and my people let a car go like this, I'd be bouncing off the ceiling and probably have complaints lodged against me for hurting the feelings of "workers". At least that is how it worked in the airlines. Never mind that lives and money were at stake. But that is another story which I refuse to tell.

I plan to calmly bring the manager out to the car, have him compare the two fenders, then answer the question, "Why is one side flimsy like a bad lie?".

Kevin thinks it could be fixed quickly. I prefer that because I don't want the hassle of another rental, even if I am not paying for it. I wouldn't be paying for it.

How can you forget the brace? That is like installing a floor on the second story and forgeting the columns and load bearing walls that support it.

File this under--if you don't already know, the quality of work in California is not the greatest, on average.

Customer service is not too bad, but anything which requires work like contracting, auto repair, etc., is usually done without regard to collateral damage, and not up to standards you'd expect.

Hoping for the best. These things should not be so tedious. They ought to know when something is right or not. After all, they are the alleged experts.

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