Thursday, October 25, 2012


The nature of where I work, and for whom, often puts me in a position to watch the dots connect on some minor level which ties into the big picture and the things we see and hear on news outlets.  It is very strange and can be interesting.  Due to past experiences, it is not surprising to see how vastly different public talk is from behind the scenes actions.   Anyone should know that.

After all, how many times have we seen public figures and celebrities arrive on the scene in a private jet or limousine, then proceed to tell us about the evils of carbon footprints or using more than one square of toilet paper.  Hypocrisy may the best word to describe the times.  We've had various ages throughout history; stone age, iron age, age of reason, renaissance, and now the age of hypocrisy.   You have avowed racists labeling everyone else as racist, and very wealthy people instigating class warfare.

It seems unprofessional to give details regarding my work circumstance or specific discoveries which connect dots to the highest levels of national politics.  I will say that the sunrise powerlink project which I've mentioned many times was a money making scheme and possibly had more motive, none of it actually involving green energy as claimed.  It does touch politicians of both parties, and some of their money people behind the scenes.

It does no good to know what goes on because there is nothing to do about it, and most people would rather hold on to myth than confront truth.  I would.  But I do not look up to the big players except for the fact that they are energetic and not lazy.  But they are not very good people.

Lately, though, I don't know if I think of myself as very good people.  Not all the bad, just not worth much.  This may change.


That was the gist of the previous post.

So, now on to life and worry.  It is not in my power to put into words the things I actually want to put in writing.  The thought is there, but not clear and defined.  I think the truth is too harsh for me to explore unless it is heavily sugar coated.

That is one theory, anyway.  It is not so easy to be who I am or am not.

I smooth the guilt for my negligence by doing odd good deeds as opportunities arise.  

We shall see what happens.

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