Sunday, July 1, 2012

Phase 1 of Project Teakagain Goes As Planned

Today was the last day of the big work push. I have no finger prints. Hours of detail sanding will do that. Fortunately I had help part of the time.

In addition to doing the normal routine I do when someone is coming into town at the house in trophy-wife-big-bucks village (nothing against trophy wives--I'd have one but the purchase price is too steep), I had to finish some of the project, deal with plumbing issues and cabinetry drama, and some other things I forgot.

I ran full speed from 8 AM until 3PM today, then headed over to Valley Music for an event that started at 1pm. Copper Creek played at around 6. We did well.

I also played with a guy called Jonathan. This time I passed on two invitations play. It turned out my instincts were right. Both performances were outstanding and due to circumstances of the moment, I'd have only been in the way. There are times when jumping up on stage is more awkward than it ought to be.

I've never seen so many good players at this place. Really goo people showed up. It definitely put a nice finish to a lucrative day.

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