Thursday, December 20, 2012

Got to Do Something!!!! neurotic;panic;hysteria;

It happened after  911, and happens all the time on the local level in places like California.    Disaster strikes, whether man made, lone lunatic, gang, hurricane, earthquake, doesn't matter.  The immediate aftermath sees the same bunch wringing hands, hysterically breathless, demanding that "something be done!!!"

Facts be damned, reality be damned, logic be damned; JUST DO SOMETHING!!!!  it doesn't  have to make sense.

Not one of the measures used by TSA in searching and screening passengers would have prevented 911, but everyone feels better because we gave up most of our 4th amendment rights to be sure it didn't happen again.

So, here we go with wild, unsubstantiated statistics,  erroneously derived causal relationships, general name calling for any who question facts--be they bogus facts or of some substance.

And a whole lot of pain by proxy.  Tragedy surfing.  I feel the pain more than you, so I'm right, even though neither of us actually experienced the tragedy.  Our contest is to see who can hijack first and fastest.

And of course, let's use this to put more power in the hands of those who create the majority of stupid problems; our federal government.   They will make it better, just like they do everything.

Geez, people.  They are making money and enjoying power, and it has absolutely nothing to do with what the say.  The think we are so stupid that we'll just keep the ones in there who sa what we want to hear.  Forget what they really do.

And they are right.  People want to appear smart, so they go along with those who appear smart.  Doesn't matter that it is pure fiction made up to increase the power of those already in power, and soothe the guilt of the hysterical idiots doing their best to transfer pain of a distant event to themselves.

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