Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tiger Woods; what do phony self righteous pundits want?

The most disturbing aspect of the Tiger scandal is how all those women suddenly turned when the cat was barely out of the bag. They knew he was married, knew everything. So, now that it is a story they all want their piece of fame and fortune by piling on with the hypocrites in the media, pretending they are somehow victims and he is the ultimate evil. Deception is not a good thing, for sure. But putting a target on someone, pulling out all stops under the excuse that he gets paid to promote products and play a sport professionally is over the top.

I've heard sports shows very somberly address the issue, even suggesting he be suspended from the sport for a time. e did not have any three ways on the 18th green during a tournament. Sick as it may be, he did not advertise his private antics. That has been the sport of the media and self serving skanks.

I believe he does feel changed and that he is experiencing what one feels when waking up from a long term nightmare. Some of these reporters have complained that he hasn't been open enough since the story broke. What do they want? It sounds as if some will only be happy with a very detailed sexologue describing each encounter in graphic detail. I think they are self righteous opportunists.

If he used pain medication, so what? Those are not performance enhancing substances. I'm not sure any drug would help you play golf better.

I actually applaud Nike, a company I did not previously like, for not dropping him. It may actually be the case that he has opened his eyes to the gratitude he should feel for his fans and for the things in life that are real and enduring. I'm hoping he's allowed to do what he can to embrace a new outlook and undergo a psychic change.

Nothing rings less true than the same people who worship celebrity, and snoop into any of their love lives they can, suddenly pretending to be neo puritans.

As for the commercial with his father's voice posing questions, I see nothing wrong. It is not so easy to avoid pitfalls in those shoes. Age and horror ridden experience does change one's judgement for the better.

No idea why, but I am more of a Tiger fan than I was before this scandal hit the press.

Oh boy, I know some women who will go through the roof. I do not agree with deception, and do not hold harmless those who play a part in it; in this case the legions of publicity and money seeking tarts who have jumped into the limelight with their hands out.

I think the press and many people won't be happy until they get the videos. A really sorry form of voyeurism fuels their approach to this matter.

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