Friday, July 31, 2015

I Get Why They Hate Their Own

The world is not filled with bright people, on average.  Although there are some who are astonishingly intelligent and creative, and they account for the reason we don't suffer more than we do.  They managed to create ways to overcome the hazards of nature in spite of the hostile lack of comprehension on the part of their fellow humans.

I think it is because they like humans, even though they are often ingrates and dolts.  I doubt much worthwhile progress is truly made by the legions of misanthropes who are everywhere and of every description, type and subgroup.

I heard that 60% of people would save their dog from a speeding bus over another human-a stranger.  I like dogs but find this an odd choice.  But it is way cool to be down on the human race and pretend animals are all about utopia and bliss.  They are either running around trying not to be eaten, or they are stalking other animals in hopes of eating them.  Some even kill for reasons to do with territory or maybe even sport, and not food.

Nature and its lovely creatures are dangerous and homicidal.   Or they are constantly running from the killers.   But it is unnatural for members of one species to hate their kind.  It seems odd for people.

If you hate people, and you are a person, then do yourself in.  If you do others in your life will be even worse than it is.  Even the misanthropic chic hate serial killers and mass murderers.

We have had radical chic, limousine liberal syndrome, and now misanthrope chic.  It is cool to pretend you hate humans, and to discuss it as if you are somehow above the fray and exempt. So righteous.  Barf.

Once again I commented on FB and people were too defensive and flat out stupid to get it.

Some crazy girl was twerking and ended up on fire.  Long story, se the film.  Anyway it was shared.  It was obviously not originate where I saw it.  The original caption is "white girls twerk? #not"  or something about like that the part after # is questionable, but intent the same.  Generalizing about white girls based on this flaming chick.

All I said is why did it have to be presented as racial.  Oh geez.  The guy denied it was at all racial.  If you bring up race, and generalize and the event is in no way specific to that race, it is racial. Jayseus H Cristo!  Now he's all pissed and saying "Oh I'm just a racist asshole, etc."  ??? Too dumb to see that it was racial when they brought up white girls this and that.  And too dumb to know I did not call him racist.  Also too dumb to realize the original caption being addressed wasn't his, although he did parrot it.

You bring up race and I find it irrelevant or offensive or tired or stupid, I will ask why.  Every once in awhile I have to blow off steam of this sort.  You can sandbag and play dumb for only so long.  Eventually the dimwitted will get to you, especially if they are unaware of the dimwittery, and they have a bit of a chip on their shoulder about how smart people are lacking in common sense or some such garbage.  I play along with dimwits and then I once in awhile actually say some of what I see or think and they get offended.  And I do not regret it.

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