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The Gods May Not Be Crazy but La Gente, hay un cosa loca

My Spanish is perfect. Anyone who speaks espanol and finds it otherwise is merely the victim of some popular dialect. So many things have been broadcast over the airways and written in news reports lately which I find utterly astounding, where would one begin to separate truth from fiction; right from wrong; sane from insane.

One thing for sure, misinformation and dishonest propaganda has swept the nation and the world like the British Invasion swept music in the 60's. It's everywhere and popular to the point of mass hysteria. Except it is not fun and upbeat like the early Beatles. Fun and upbeat is what is lacking these days. I am always fun and upbeat, but I may be nuts, so that may not count. Until now, I never considered myself a pathological liar. Well, that can be fun and upbeat if done with a high level of artistic integrity.

I'll try to get some stuff done at project O, as it pays as I go. However I am taking no days off until project J is complete because I'll at least get paid sooner and because I only have 2 weeks. At that time I am going to a southern Druid retreat located on a golf course. I will be erecting an alter to the god of the forest. It will look much like a patio or deck.

No telling what else will unfold on that adventure. I bet Homeland Security will be watching since southern druids are considered a potential security threat. They haven't actually done any violence or threatening mischief--YET. But HS thinks they could. It could happen. A bunch of neo southern druids in hoodies, like gangstas, could confuse people who don't know they aren't really a gang. They might hold mass fertility rites and upset the balance.

I think they should watch squirrels. I've noticed that in many areas they have become more brazen, and although they haven't organized and attacked people en masse, they could. It could happen. Better safe than sorry.

How did we ever survive before Homeland Security came on the scene? You may say they are there to protect against foreign fanatics on a mission from the peace be upon him guy, but they gave that up long ago. They figured out that the potential for domestic threats is huge. We have something like 350 million potential threats in this country, not counting coyotes, bears and squirrels.

Any one of your neighbors could go berzerk and pose a safety threat at any time. Watch them closely and report any unusual behavior; things like fertility rites in the back yard, independent thought, home remodeling, installing altars or patios.

So, before long I'm going underground. I'll infiltrate their ranks pretending to build the patio-like altar. Then I'll wait until they come show their subversive faces. Depending on various factors I may see about trapping them in some sort of fertility ceremonies. Then after a few such events, or more, I'll spring the trap and let Homeland Security take it from there.

Homeland Silencing

I read the Homeland Security memo which outlines the threats of "right wing extremists". It is too bad, but I doubt most people have either the courage or the wherewithal to see through the very clear agenda driven propaganda. It is very clear that the "report" states opinions more than facts, and has no data to back up most of it.

They continually harp on the fact that we have the first "African-American" president. That, in itself, is a troubling phrase. Because no one wants to upset the cart they don't say, "Is he African or American? I thought an American president had to be American." When you become the president it is time to drop the hyphens. It is far more inclusive to do so. But for whatever reason it pleases the sensibilities, I guess I'll roll with that one.

It was historic in that sense. First African appearing person to be elected. That has no bearing on my view of issues. But the Homeland Security report implies that anyone who disagrees with this administration's philosophy of government is likely to be racist, and probably recruiting others in order to blow things up.

They target returning veterans as potential threats, those who don't like job outsourcing, those who feel less power is due the national government in favor of power being more in the jurisdiction of state and local government, or even the individual.

The bottom line is that they are lumping all critics of the government and this administration in with the KKK and those like them. I can tell you now that I am in disagreement with the economic and foreign policy approach of this administration. I don't agree at all with their ideas regarding cap and trade or much else. It has nothing to do with skin color. I would have voted for Thomas Sowell had he been running, or Obama had he been a fan of Milton Freidman. Or a fan of individual freedom.

Just the way I see it. Socialism, by definition, flies in the face of freedom because someone is deciding where the fruits of your labors go, and it ain't you. That is theft. It is slavery. Just because the tyrant smiles and claims your forced sacrifice is for a good cause does not give him the right to run your life.

Painting dissenters as "right wing extremists" and racists is a very serious step toward a kind of oppression which will come back to bite everyone except those in power sooner or later. The precedent is not a good one and the trend is not benevolent. We Will still have to pay to fill our gas tanks, and we will still have to pay our rent or mortgage. Those who think otherwise will find they traded their right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness for a spot on the chain gang. It is one case in which even ignorance is not bliss.

I guess I speak up because not to do so would further empower the social pressure in the air that makes it uncomfortable to admit you are not a democrat or a fan of Obama, Rom, Ted, Janet, Hilary, and the rest of those people who in my mind actually hate those they pretend to serve, and certainly they seem to hate my ancestors who were involved in fighting for free states and in the development of this country. Not to mention the world wars and such as that. Supposedly all that bllod was shed for freedom and protecting rights of the individual. Allegedly those wars were fought so future generations would be free of tyranny in this country; so they wouldn't have to fight such bloody wars. I doubt police actions and complicated rules of engagement would have made sense back then.

Not Again--Good Ideas out in the ether

Darn, dagnabbit, horse hockey and double dangnaminous!!! I had some good topic and poof. By the time I wrestled with passwords and all this garbage I suddenly had to use, couldn't remember and don't know if it was just the system being raided by Homeland Security, I forget why I am here.

I think it was something that sidestepped my complaints about overbearing insane ruling classes and all that come with them. That is hard for me when it comes to writing. I am passionate about the meanings of "democracy in a republic" and freedom of the individual. But people don't care about that sort of abstract thinking as they fill out forms written by sadistic second grade teachers addressing a class of helpless children they don't kill only because they find torture to be sublimely fulfilling. I speak of the IRS here, of course. Hey, it was on the news--they're hiring. I may apply. An incompetent employee can save taxpayers a bundle. I have experience in another state's tax dept,--- long ago. And my views then were similar to what they are now. Many people in that state owe me a big thank you.

To be a serious IRS employee who really believes it is his duty to hound the productive and, curses on them, The Rich, is to be a person who has no business in even a semi free country. It is like legalized pettiness, theft, sadism, envy and thuggery. I cannot believe so few elected officials ever suggest the abolishment of that scum bag agency. Ron Paul did, which is what has endeared him to me.

I understand various agencies, state and federal, keep creating check lists of possible home grown terrorists or militia members. You can count yourself on that list if you disagree with the present administration and any number of policies and agencies. Many of those policies may have been put in place by previous administrations. Mostly if you are not democrat or republican and you think limiting national powers to those enumerated in the Constitution then they paint you as all kinds of ugly.

Somehow they try to tie that thinking in with racist groups and much else which is far off the mark. It is a creeping type of neo-McCarthyism and not any different than the tactics and methods of all the ugliest dictatorships and totalitarian regimes which rose and mostly fell in the twentieth century. Free speech as it was intended when guaranteed as a right has become a dangerous practice. Maybe I'm paranoid but I don't send letters and sign petitions. After the HS exercises in the Memphis area when random people were pulled over and businesses harassed, I opt out. They put all the stuff they gathered in some anti-terror database.

They can have it. I'll settle for life as a drop out. Or a rogue IRS agent. The brush I had with weaselly auditors in that other tax department turned my stomach enough. I doubt I could take ten seconds with the hard core version. Our version of the KGB or SS. I think that is why so many, even in Congress, don't move to abolish it. They get on the wrong side of whoever is in power and the IRS dogs are sent after them. That lawless agency can make trouble whether it is warranted or not. And they all use it. Dems and Repubs.

Got to be a better way.

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