Sunday, May 1, 2016

Another Strange Day Playing

Playing, as in playing the music songs. I know it can have many connotations.  I actually never wanted to be a guy that played these events; that played music at all.  Seriously, I never really liked the thought of it.  And here I am.  In a way that sucks.  Even though I may be considered entertaining or good by some.

I hate it with a passion when someone tells me they can hear me in this instance and that but they think they are supposed to hear more, like I get too quiet.  IDIOTS!!!  The art of the M*&^% F(&^%g blend, Dumbass!  The do not realize what they are hearing because there is a harmonic that happens with the guitar, and some with the viola that is almost indistinguishable from what I am playing.  They we peel off, like the Blue Angels doing that thing where they split off in different directions, but in harmony.

Anyway.  Adams Avenue Unplugged.  But that was a big fat lie.  Everyone was plugged in, at least to a P.A. and often an amplifier.  They invite various groups and, apparently, assign the groups and the venues match-ups.  We got an Italian place.  In SoCal, tons of restaurants have as much or more outdoor seating as indoor.  But the outdoor patio is often covered with a series of giant umbrellas or other tent like contrivance.  Like this place.  There is a wall between the sidewalk and the seating area/patio.  But it is only about bar height, and has a nice flat suface so passers by cabn lean on it an watch the band.

When we started, the place was pretty much empty.  It was packed by about the third song, and people were three deep on the sidewalk looking over that wall I mentioned.   So we played our obligatory hour set.   Then we were supposed to take a break for an hour and come back and do another hour.  But when we quit, the restaurant owner or manager came over and asked if we would start early because we brought in a crowd.  We could have quit early but everyone was having a good time playing so the hour and a half still felt like fifteen minutes.

Part of me likes this.  And part of me despises it.  I really doubt that is a good thing.  I'll see what I can do about fixing that.

I messed up like crazy.  No one else probably realized.  It was not obvious.  I know when I miss.  Today was enough fun that I think that came through so anywhere I fell short of my goal may not have dampened it too much.

There were groups all down the street at different places.  I'd say we lucked out by getting the venue best suited to us.  At least I liked it better than the other places I checked out later.

This oppositional dichotomy disorder must be addressed in no uncertain terms.  (when you hear stuff like "in no uncertain terms", you know whatever precedes it will get lost in the maze of madness.  It will not happen any time soon--whatever it is.

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