Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hiding From The Alleged News

Never did I dream that anyone could replace Ted K in my imaginary world of neighbors you'd be stuck with in Hell.  I was wrong.   Just one word out of Nancy Pelosi makes my skin crawl.  I think her hypocrisy and willingness to throw the public under the bus "for their own good" while getting rich in the process, equals similar qualities in the late great Liar of the Senate. 
I guess a lot of them creep me out.  

I can't take hearing McCain say anything about anything either.  Of course, he usually says nothing about something.   Or something about nothing .  He's another of the wannabe oligarchy  hoping to rule without limits.  

Oddly enough, I've noticed a great deal of snobbery among the air america types.  They claim to have a broad world view and knowledge of other cultures, yet they clearly know nothing about the vast majority of their own country.  The labeling of midwest, southwest, south, anything outside L.A., Chicago or NYC, as ignorant and intolerant, is prevalent and annoying, at best.   In a very loosely connected way, it adds fuel to my belief that states ought to be able to secede from the Union without finding themselves in a war.   That "house divided against itself" line was a false analogy.  It was about money, not so much slavery or freedom.  That is a shame.  It would be better if it had been about slavery and the principle of freedom.   

At this point, it is all about those who want to be forced to eat their ruffage and wear protective gear, as opposed to those who prefer to make their own choices and rely upon their own sense of autonomy and discipline, unaided and unsupervised by a surrogate parent, omnipresent warden.

Noting the ever growing tendency to demonize and silence anyone who disagrees with governmental policies now or over the last fifty years, or more, I would like to say that I still believe all of congress should have their pensions abolished as well as health care.  The nature of public office was never supposed to be a cushy vocation.  Giving elected officials health care and pensions is absurd.  The IRS is a crime against the principles of a free society as is the tax system they represent.  It is a huge scam which exists because the tendency to resent other economic classes has been applied effectively.  People think it's the other guy, usually the rich, getting screwed, and not to their c redit, they are all for it. Truth is, it is the poor and those who want to raise themselves up through industry and perseverance that get screwed.   

Why do you think we are still screwing around in the mid east with no intention of winning, and little idea of what would define a win?    Trading one war for another?  It is a crime against our military and our taxpayers.  

It is more fun to foment revolution against those who ignore their oaths of office than it is to figure out how to pay rent.  Knowing what could be different in the world of law, energy, transportation, etc., and which would at the same time maximize personal freedom is one thing, actually taking steps to make things materialize to prove it is another.   I have no doubts about these things, but the uphill battle to pursue any of it is pretty much out of my energy range.  It's frustrating, watching the usual pompous types close out the market as if only they could have the answers.  It is the flaw in letting government control science and research while subsidizing weak entries into an industry.   Subsidizing products which can't quite do the job cheaply enough to earn a place in the market merely slows true progress.   Political progressives are, in truth, regressives, in that sense.   In most senses.  

If the Copenhagen cap and trade scheme is embraced by Obama, and he signs up on behalf of the USA, I would say that pretty much seals the deal, and hope for a peaceful prosperous future is dead, at least for many decades.  That would be akin to slicing our own carotid arteries.  It is likely to happen.   

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