Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Future's Uncertain, and the End Is Always Near

Jim Morrison wrote some pretty good lines here and there. Just goes to show what the drama of youth and psychosis of drugs can do. But lots of people successfully achieved the psychosis of drugs part without ever being recognized for their brilliance or memorable lines. "But I Looked the part. It's just not fair."

That brings me to the giving of gifts by and to heads of state and other tyrants or wards of the people. I think whoever is advising Obama on these matters must have caught a sale at Target or raided the rooms of children. Ipods and DVDs. I guess the movies were made in America so it has something to do with the country being represented. I'd have given the queen an American made shotgun or a Milwaukee sander. It's at least designed in the US. I think the Ipod is as well. Both made in China I guess.

Other countries are always unloading really high maintenance stuff on us, like panda bears. And Arnold.

Surf boards are mostly made here. I'm trying to think what is made here without most of its components from everywhere. They can say a car is made here, but the reality is the car is made everywhere, if you consider the component parts. Yea, I think Obama needs to travel with an assortment of short and long boards. Give the short ones to the short people places and the long ones to the taller people places. It sends the message that he's sporty and bitchin.

I'd rather have the board than a bunch of old movies I could rent any time I wanted. If I already had an Ipod, I'd rather have a board. Even if I didn't I'd rather be given the board by some hotshot demagogue than a little Ipod.

Once again, no one asked me. I'll bet some Obama aide's kid is not happy about all his stuff going to Limeys and others. It would have been a real hit if he did the surfboard thing. He could then be clever and encourage those tyrants to "ride the wave" rather than "jump on the band wagon". It might have worked. The trinkets from the computer revolution aren't doing the trick as near as I can tell. They aren't giving much. They are fine with encouraging our global self flagellation. I want them to give us their money and armies. Sounds like they are not going to let us have use of either.

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