Monday, December 10, 2012

Vere Ah Your Paypahs? hmmmm?

Coming soon; random obesity checks---How much do you vay? (for those who've never known even a taste of 4th amendment rights, that is a reference to the oppression of the nazis circa WWII) 

I've had time to cool off, but I'm doing a slow burn, with pent up rage aimed at every idiot teacher, cop, and adult in America who is too damned bull-headed to comprehend how irritating tyranny can be.  And how their compliance will come back on all of us, and already has.

Only a mile or so down the road from my house, on the way to Descanso, the Border Patrol decided to set up a make shift road block.  Not just for an hour or so.  They may be there for days for all I know.

Hardly anyone ever takes that road.  Most people get groceries and such in Alpine.  The road loops between the two towns.  It is 2 lane. You see more animals than people.  I live in the sticks, partly because I am sick of officialdom.

Today, as I was headed to Descanso post office,  I encountered the orange cones and 5 mph signs.  I noticed the trailer on the side of the road which contained elevated big lights.  I slowed and went through, no stop.

A few hours later, I came home that way, which I often do because the road is usually empty enough that I can put the car in neutral and glide the last 3 miles.  I like that road.  The bright lights were blazing, the border patrol cars had their cop lights flashing and they forced anyone coming through to stop.

"What country are you a citizen of?", I was asked.  "U S A", I replied, although inwardly I was thinking "The Independent Republic of F$%^ YOU! and the bastards who hired you!"

I know Mexico is maybe 10 miles further south, but that does not constitute probable cause for stopping me, shining a flashlight at me, and through the back windows of my car to see what I have in there.   By rights I could have refused to answer, demanding to know why I was being asked and if there was any reason to suspect me for doing something illegal.

If I were here illegally, and got stopped by a local cop, the cop is not supposed to ask me anything.  You give up that privacy if you are a citizen, I think.

It is a problem created by government.  Insane drug laws, and insane tax methods.  Go to the Fair Tax, just can the drug laws and forget it.

The thinking is the same that grade school teachers used when they would hold the entire class hostage until someone either fessed up to some indiscretion, or someone else told on the perp.  Half the time, most of us had no idea what was the crime that set the "educator" on the warpath.

This has gone on so long that most people have no idea what freedom, even a little of it, is supposed to be.  You are not supposed to have to prove your innocence at the whim of authorities out in the middle of nowhere.  And that is what roadblocks are; places in which citizens are required to prove their innocence of crimes for which there is no reasonable expectation that they are guilty.

If such things do not scare you, you will do well in the People's Republic of Compliant Idiots.

And the bit about, "If you ain't doin' nothin' wrong, then ya got nuthin to worry 'bout", is absolutely mindless BS.  I worry about anyone or any institution that stops me, essentially at gunpoint, hoping to discover I've broken some law, of which there are so many that no one person knows them all.

I'm usually polite at such encounters.  This one, right in my backyard, flipped the switch.  I was not happy.  Had I been in a muscle car I would have laid rubber for half a mile on my way out.

Things are as they are because, throughout humanity's history, people will believe anything, and they don't mind forcing others to comply to their wishes whether or not the others' normal actions would interfere with their right to seek happiness.  They are more inclined to go along with things if little crumbs like obamaphones are tossed their way.

Part of the Big Pretense is that any of it makes sense.  I live just outside a Sanctuary City--meaning illegals needn't worry about have their feelings hurt-- yet I am required to prove my legitimacy within sight of my own driveway.

Want to fix immigration worries?  Use some logic, fix the underlying system which both rewards moochers and encourages thugs.  That goes to the tax system, the way that criminals are actually compensated should some aberrant institution like Mexico's government whine that some sheriff defended himself when the thugs tried to run him  over, etc.

And the drug thing.

That is money and power which includes the governments who declare war on drugs.  Another bit of pretense; wars on inanimate objects and vague nouns are truly meaningless.  But they are good excuses to use the people's money to enrich some slimy power brokers and their pals.

Needless to say, this particular development which has placed Big Brother in my back yard, sent me over the edge.  If I had a big old truck, really big, I think I'd just go crashing through and destroy their vehicles in the process. Good thing I don't have a bazooka, big truck or anything else more forceful than a Subaru and a machete.

You can believe that one or the other of these disgusting political parties has validity and makes sense, but the truth is they have given us tyranny in little bitty doses, adding another and another, so that we could swallow each increment without much trouble until we ate the whole thing.  This is not right, not respectful of the rights of individuals and not necessary.

Speaking of useful idiots.  Here's one that is on a roll.  Give him the Sean Penn righteous fool award for Dec. 2012.

Hoho and Spice

So, by some quirk of fate I've become the Christmas carol player.  I don't know, just happened.  I go to these music things to force myself to be around people.  And it is a nice bunch.  It challenges my playing sometimes but is not really the stuff that allows me to spontaneously combust.  But it makes me a lot better for when I do.  The main thing is that it keeps me off the streets.

I had a word with Richard, of seasoning fame, and am now set to replenish the supply of those who liked the stuff last year.  I may only give it to those who've mentioned their affection for it, plus a few newbies.

I've run out of Howling Wolf, but still have that pimenton, La Chinata. I think that is the name.  I've used it sparingly because I like to make it last.  That is great stuff.  Try it on home made quesadillas, and more.

Before I lived here, I never paid much attention.  Now I get a little antsy when I don't have two or three cool seasonings that you generally don't find at the grocery store.  I'm addicted to them.  And they all tie in with Christmas. It just worked out that way for some reason.

Wish I had something worth writing.  I wrote this to force myself to stay in the game, and to avoid discussing Boner or Obama or any of the many disillusionments I may have with The Big Pretense.

Still thinking of heading off at the end of the month to some bizarre locale.  Maybe I'll go camping at ... never mind.

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