Thursday, August 27, 2009

Go West, and Be Barely Legal; almost jail bait

There's no turning back now. I am officially a citizen of the land of fruits and nuts, a west coaster. I'm thinking the likelihood of ever living east of the Mississippi again is very slim. From the time I was 6, when I first visited northern CA, I never intended to remain east, yet I did for several lifetimes over a period of more years than makes sense.

The coolest thing is that California, in all their wisdom, has declared me younger than I would have guessed. By moving here, I became a few months my old self's junior. What a country!! You show up, allow the HP to abuse and make fun of you, then they say, "Hey, welcome. You are no longer 102. You are only 98!" I guess a place built by miners, criminals and whores, and made famous by surfers and Hollywood whores (be he man or woman) is bound to have some fun customs.

What a great capper to the day. Certain insights and resolutions were achieved on my pilgimage to the higher altitude sanctuary, great feelings of gratitude for the people in my life washed through me as if I am some sappy sap, and then I find out I am aging in reverse. Not only that but I am bound for another adventure to the north next week. Thank you Southwest for those getaway fares.

How could I not want to go for another visit ASAP? This is another of those windows in time which seems filled with good life. This is a very good moment.
Illegal alien no more.  Legal Alien
wow looking closely, I see they put a halo on my head. Caleeforneeya thinks I'm either a saint or an angel. What luck.

I am beginning to realize that much of my life was spent not feeling like it was OK to enjoy the moment at hand without an "if" or "but" in the inner dialog. "This is great, if it doesn't blow up and we all die". "This would be a perfect day, but it could blow up and they send me the bill, and we all die." That sort of thing.

Often it had to do with "Yea, I'm doing OK, but it would really be OK if I could just do some grandiose or half way normal thing and get this job or that money and not be a dolt any more".

No one can entertain such thinking habitually without spiraling downward, becoming chronically drunk and/or drugged, or both, and maybe worse. It takes some sicko strength to survive yourself if you set your mind toward self destruction and denial of living life. Or wacky luck. Maybe both.

I believe it is important to learn to appreciate what you have right now, and where you are. Maybe I just fell into hell so many times that all this is such a contrast that I appreciate it more. I don't think I feel the need to sabotage it. That is something it has taken me all my adult life to learn to avoid.

Obviously one doesn't feel this up for long if he is isolated and feeling lonely. I don't feel very alone, between friends and friend it seems I'm becoming emotionally whole. Who would think it possible? That's rhetorical so don't feel compelled to answer or despair that I didn't make it multiple choice.

All I know is that there is more to life than meets the eye, and a lot of what meets the eye is good.

Ted K, an example to us all

What a shame that Teddy has moved on to that gangland wonderland in the sky. Or somewhere. He was my favorite example when looking to flesh out an illustration of the corrupt, elitist, sociopathic career elected official. Who better filled the bill? Maybe they'll send another Bush along.

The idea that "we need Camelot" or any other imaginary royal dynasty in America is as idiotic as any idea ever. However I have heard people say that on TV with that tone of affected intellectualism accompanied by their best pensive furrowed brow, also an affectation.

We've really sunk low when the Lyin' of the Senate gets treated to unbelievably shameless eulogies attributing to him every virtue he did not have. To think someone who came from gangster riches, never really had a job, and did not need one, actually has a grip on normal life and is dedicated to making things better for the downtrodden, is to think blindly and falsely.

Every single move the man made was designed to solidify, if not create, a voter block. All about power. I'm sure he did something in his life that was not involved with a lie or covering a lie. I'm just not sure what.

Some think he stood for equality. I think not. For one thing, he has done as much as anyone to keep an entire group of citizens in ignorance, and believing that entitlement is the same as opportunity. The New Orleans debacle was as much due to having more faith in an all powerful government-god as it was the failure of government on every level; city, state and national. Local procedures which had been discussed and modeled in mock emergency exercises were not followed. It just went on from there. The point is, due to the tactics employed by Ted and company, people honestly thought doing nothing was their job and that the world would somehow pluck them out of the depths.

Living below sea level may have never entered anyone's mind as far as having a ready plan B in case sea level became the norm in the place. I blame Ted as much as anyone for the bizarre reaction of the people. I've live through too many hurricanes to buy the rhetoric spouted by other elitists like Sean Penn or demagogues like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

There's no question that the aftermath is rife with double dealing and skullduggery. But that does not change some of the elemental problems which were created by pretending to promote rights while promoting special case, ward of the state mentality. It is all about votes. Free people do not vote in a block unless it is to achieve more freedom. That is different from voting to get special treatment in various ways. When people don't know how the country is supposed to be set up they assume you just come up with ideas and can do anything without restriction. Like, "wow, solar energy is a great idea, let's subsidize it with other taxpayers' money!!". That is actually far from constitutional, in spirit.

But Ted was an icon, a lion, when it came to shredding and mauling the basis of this country. He is applauded for it by others who see nothing wrong with being in an elected office for many decades, using power and wealth to ensure that excessive duration, using power and wealth to skirt the laws against manslaughter, being a drunken miscreant, abusing the less powerful, and having no conscience. Obviously he was a great example to others who hope to remain in power until their brains fry.

Political dynasties are an abomination in this country. Our Constitution was written to avoid such abuse. It's number one purpose was to limit power of government, and of individuals who would seek to make a profession of controlling and spending the money of others. Monarchy was a dirty word.

Ted cared about your health care? Then why did he not fight to let elected officials get their own, or be subjected to the same BS he wanted to foist on the rest of us? Because it never was about you and your health. It was and is about power.

One of my Ted stories happened to a friend who was walking on a sidewalk in NYC. My friend is a small guy, maybe 5'3". Ted's limo pulled up and Ted stumbled out, oblivious to the pedestrian traffic, bulldozing into my friend. He said nothing as the body guards slammed my friend down on the hood of the car cussing him out for touching the senator. I have more of those but I think it demonstrates how much those people think of the downtrodden, or even just normal people who can't get away with murder and rape. (since Ted cared so much about polarizing based on race or ethnicity--my friend is Hispanic)

It's OK, though. We have evolved into a country run not only by a number of oligarchies forming one all powerful one, but a country controlled by elitists who truly think the rest of us cannot think for ourselves or function properly without their oversight and total control. People sucker for anything. That's the lesson in that. The worst part is that the idea that the alternative or opposite approach is to be found in the Republican party is believed by most of the citizens, and non citizen voters.

That is a big lie and a very difficult one for people to see. The only choice is not necessarily between dumb and dumber; or intrusive and rape. To think so is to play right into the trap the professional tax vampires and elitists have so cleverly set. Somehow the old team loyalty thing, and habit, as well as family allegiances tend to make it tough to face the truth and can the idea that these two evil institutions aren't both enemies of liberty and the constitutional republic.

And that is the legacy of the Lyin Liberal of the senate; proof that people will believe anything as long as you throw them a crumb or two, while picking their pockets and stealing their souls.

Don't worry that the Lyin' is gone from the senate. That Lyin spirit lives on and will be with us for a long time.

I'll miss you Ted. Few of your colleagues so clearly illustrate the abuse this country takes for granted, and which threatens our freedom, and as a result, our prosperity. Some come close, but they don't have that Camelot dynasty thing going

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