Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Middle Class Economics ????

I keep pondering this middle class economics talk I've been hearing.  Lots of middle class talk.  Middle class is the new "single soccer mom".  Yay.

Now that the whole single mom persona has been elevated to sainthood, and martyrdom,  the new cause is "middle class".   I think middle class means you can eat but only your first car is new.  The other one is not.

People who think they can do a good job controlling markets and resources, and who think they are the best judge of how much money you can make and keep, like to name their particular approach to controlling life.

There is no such thing as middle class economics in a market in which participation is voluntary.  The closest true system to one run by "middle class economics" would be Marxism.  That same leveling, trying to put everyone the same, except some are a little more equal because they call the shots.

I did not catch on for years to the fact that people in higher office are absolutely actors, so ambitious for the prestige, history books!, special privilege that they will bend any rule or moral in order to gain office and stay there.  This means they answer to those who control the purse.

And that can be a very difficult trail to really follow.  It may seem like you hit the source, but I doubt it.

Another thing that makes me think it is theater is that there is no real opposition to the growth and spread of the government's power.  Republicans are not actually opposed.  Some talk like it, but how do things end up?  As bloated over-regulated and in defiance of logic as the democrats openly desire.

At crucial points republicans will publicly claim God told them to do this or that. Or one will say a good method of birth control is for girls to hold a quarter between their knees.  That is so embarrassing because I nearly loath the democrat/progressive path and world view, and the republican is making opposition look insane.

They should do a better job of calling BS.   Middle class economics?  Bullshit.  People are such herd animals, and devoid of pride or thought or something.  How dare some leech on the public dime sit there and label classes, then pick a favorite.  The idea that there is such a thing as "the little people" or "the common man" is demeaning and sad.  People proudly lable themselves "average Joe", etc.

That implies they do believe some people are better and part of the elite few who should govern the lives of all.

I'm glad I'm almost poor.  If I'm not middle class maybe the middle class heroes like Obama will leave me alone.

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