Friday, September 28, 2012

Socal doing what they won't

Little bit of nothing on experiment recording and uploading from phone where I work--with phone connecting to their wifi.   This thing is pretty cool in ways.  

***Not an obamaphone (extrapolation of a program begun under Reagan for emergency landlines, and now cell phones), but exploited to convince the imbeciles of big cities that Obama is giving them a phone. Sorry.     I guess compared to some people and things my phone is smart.

Aldous Huxley predicted people would welcome their own enslavement, and they have.  Not everyone sees it yet. **** my apologies for ranting.  Can't help it 

Last video is later at the newest open mic place.  Cliff out the window warming up to play next.  I played harp on his tunes but didn't record it.  Didn't do too bad on a couple of them.  Norwegian Wood, with a mandolin joining us threw me a little.  I told him no ride for me because I never play the song.  He found the mandolin confusing--wasn't sure where that guy was in the scheme of things---so he turned to me.  I faked something but got thrown off myself.  People no doubt figured we were just stupid at arranging and planned it like that.  
Sound was better than indicated here.  The Star Wars/American Pie guy ran it, and does well with sound.  I think he may be the whitest white boy I know, in regard to some musical elements and such.  That's OK.  I'm one of those harp players who has no guilt or shame about being white.  Some would claim this is racist, but that is due to the fact that they can't think critically.  I expect no one to be guilty or ashamed of their involuntary make-up--ethnicity, sex, ability to roll one's tongue, etc. Note the high cheek bones--I must be Cherokee, as well.  OK, Harvard, here I come!

Doing the work that citizens and uninvited workers in CA won't do.  We keep the US economy going, such as it is.


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