Saturday, July 28, 2012

Good Things People Do

(pics were sent to me from facebook. someone put them up and someone else shared or however FB works. from a local party on someone's back deck)
The Olympics hooplah caused me to think. Dangerous, I know.

At one time, the first thoughts of the games would be who might win what. Now the first thought is, "I hope some terrorist outfit doesn't make an appearance and create havoc.".

I have a feeling that I'm not the only one who kind of holds his breath wishing the opening and closing part would be over with. Since I don't have TV coverage, I am not as inundated with it as most.

But I was thinking how hard we try to keep going in spite of all the madness. The solution has been to subject everyone to search and more. No comment on that, or on what has been done that feeds this stuff. The point is that, one way or another riffraff of the world have managed to make fun a lot more work. At least the large scale event fun.

Then I remembered how cool it was to be at that gathering on a guy's back patio, overlooking a little canyon in Spring Valley. Lots of people, and people playing live music and having a great time. This sort of thing seems to be more common here than most other places I've lived. Either that or I was not paying attention.

I was able to play with my group from up here on Ballistic Mountain, and a group of older, very seasoned, very professional country players. Everyone called them the cowboy band. Their guitar player, Les, sat in with us--CopperCreek aka Ballistic Mountain friends.
There were some very good players there. Very good. I made a few new friends and think I may have more playing opportunities as a result of my showing there. I think being a sort of blues crossover guy helps. Plenty of better blues harps out there, and better all around. Just not many of the crossover people around here. That allows me to be of value.

So, we can still voluntarily gather and associate with our choice of people in situations like that party. A bit of freedom to be had.

They had a gazebo back there with a P.A. and sound board and it was good. I was able to work the mic for best dynamic range. What a treat. Haven't had it that good in awhile. Only screwed up a little bit.

***since I keep posting and will be gone, I am trying the write-now-post-it-later-automatically option

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