Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Unusual Life; part 12162012

So, I figured the party the 12 string guy convinced me to attend would be mostly a Mormon get together.  Did I ever mention that this guy is the king of vague, and mild surprises?  Well, he is that.

It puzzles me that I put up with it, except that the adventures prove educational and generally enjoyable.  Strange, but worthwhile.

Anyway, first we go to a children's nativity thing at a Mormon facility.  I chose to follow in my car so I had travel under my control.  The affair was quite informal and their about a thousand kids and maybe 40 adults.  I respect people who multiply like rabbits, as long as they take responsibility and parent the kids.  No one can say these people do not do that, and one way or another, they seem to provide quite well for them.

However that works, we went from there to the party.  I'm not sure who he knew that handled getting us invited.   I figured out along the way that this wasn't going to be like playing a gig.

We did play some, and it got the attention of one person there; a pleasant surprise.  She may not have been the only one, but the others do not represent the same potential.  The value of this remains to be seen.

When we arrived and were introduced to the host, he pointed to the food and the beer and the worth soft drinks.  Most of the time, if they have non-alcoholic drinks, they are things like diet Sprite.  This guy had old timey root beer and other things that did not have diet drink sweeteners.

I have no idea what was going on, really.  I think it may have been a company party.  Lots of Mexicans who seemed to sort of enjoy themselves but they'd speak spanish to one another like you weren't in the room sometimes.  I understand enough to know they weren't talking trash.

The host looked kind of like a hippie surfer.  He had some nice guitars but he didn't play.  It seemed that we made some friends, but I have no idea who does what or why.  We played completely acoustically, sitting in the den (?) by the fire.

There were adults, kids, smokers, non-smokers, drinkers, non-drinkers, and what looked like Mexican banditos.   Nice house.  No telling where the money comes from.  Lots of people around here seem to manage decent income, but I have no idea what they do.

I don't know how I wind up in these places, but it is cool when ages range from 3 to about 87 and a half.  These people were not Mormons but they do well with the kids anyway.  Not a creepy kid in the bunch.

The guy seemed happy we showed up because it kind of livened things up and offered a buffer of sorts. I think he felt like he had to keep up some kind of guard with the people from whatever company it is they run.

I left with more questions than I had going in.  It was worth the drive.


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