Monday, September 12, 2011

Tennis Villains

Serena just adds credence to the idea that...never mind. She's kind of classless, even though an exceptional athlete. I hate that ghetto finger wag, head bob thing. Pure jerry Springer nation.
So, I am fine with her losing to a classier player.

Now this guy Novak. I don't like that guy too much. I guarantee you he was a bully in school and still is. But he's of the kind that once people fight back hard enough, he curls up in a ball.

Federer and Nadal, I like, but they don't have this guy's number. He'll crumble if they get the edge and quit being intimidated. I think Djokovic and his coach are evil doers and that's all I have to say about that. Novak Djoko does have a cute girlfriend.

That brings me to a half baked theory. It is common knowledge that women go for the jerkiest guys. This may be because nature expects the jerkiest people to multiply, and being self centered bastards to reverse this trend of humans sacrificing their own well being for that of species they only heard existed, liker snail darters or monkey beetles. The other theory is that there is no figuring wimmins whatsoever.

Serena is an embarrassment if you think of her as representing the USA in tennis. These people make big money and that is because it is so rare that anyone can play at that level. It doesn't always follow that they have class like Roger Federrer or that pretty Caroline chick.

Better to be a player than spectator. That covers just about anything in life. It is the degree to which I spectate rather than perform that fuels my discontent and frustration.

You Just Never Know

Sometimes I feel like a character from a science fiction tale; like my reality is not quite what I think of when I think of reality. Maybe I'll wake up and find out it is all different.

Whatever it is, I couldn't have predicted much that has gone on in my life. Too many times I've changed location and everything about my life. I miss some of the people that have fallen from the radar along the way. That is the tough part. I guess at one time I figured they'd only be disappointed in me or turn out to be less than the loyal friends I thought they were, or both. I'm over that part. Some serious betrayals at impressionable phases of life probably planted those seeds.

That stuff is long gone. But I doubt the moving about is. Except now, I try not to lose contact with people. The last trip helped cement some reunions and establish or re-establish the bonds. If nothing else would have come of it, I think that would have made the journey worthwhile.

But that has nothing to do with what I was thinking. What I was thinking is that it wouldn't surprise me to end up on a house boat in some salt water harbor somewhere. What I'd do in a place where the floor was constantly moving, I'm not sure. At least the yard wouldn't be in danger of catching fire, and there'd be no weeds or poison oak.

Maybe it would be better to live on the land or have a bridge house. I now wonder why and what I was thinking.

Never mind.

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