Thursday, March 3, 2016

Whoa. This Really Is Stage Play

Lucky me.  I caught much of the republican "debate" on my way home this evening.   Un be liev able.
They have all quit running for president.  The new game is to parry with Trump.  Come up with the dumbest squabbles to have before millions of people.  Embarrassing.  I was embarrassed for them because they did not appear to be embarrassed for themselves.  Sad.

There is no surprise that they catch Trump changing views or altering caveats.  Some of it was not as cut and dried as Megyn made it appear.  Forget the personalities.  I don't know how it looked, but it sounded like they might, at any time, all pull daggers and stab the Donald into oblivion.

Everywhere in the media, all media, you see real efforts toward attacking Trump.  I've never seen such an orchestrated instance of character assassination and humiliation.   Republicans and democrats.  The repubs are even using progressive slurs and insults.  They are all using the same words. That is not accidental.

If it were normal nice people, I would think they just fear for their country.   Being who they are, I realize that can't be the case.  They fear for their power, and their hold over the American people and government.

If they are that afraid of Trump, it makes me want to see what happens if he actually gets the nomination.  If he won it all somehow, and they couldn't rig the result, I believe he'd be eliminated.
But it does make me feel good when both sides are afraid.

This is the oddest of elections.  Bar none.

The Ohio guy--Kasich--sounded like the winner, from what I heard.  He was the only one not caught up in schoolyard taunting.  It was sad.  He is hardly on the radar outside of Ohio, as far as the presidential race goes.  You never know.  What an easy gig; appearing to be the rational adult at the republican debate.  

Bernie and Hillary should just flip a coin, hold no debates and make no speeches.   They can only hurt themselves.  The republicans have to be giving them such a boost that all the dem candidate has to do is shutup and take the job,

I have to ask why the repubs are doing all they can to ensure that they all lose.  Hillary must be the choice if there is a conspiracy of elites to control outcomes.  It will be like having Bill again, just without charm or even humor.  Lots of screaming.  She's a screamer.  She thinks it brings the crowd to a fever pitch of madness, like they'd go lynch someone if she gave the word.  I think she is mistaken.

Could I stand an election campaign which consisted largely of Trump and Hillary exchanging their meanest and dumbest insults?  Months of the really stupid.  Painfully stupid. Insults, mudslinging, mud wrestling, you name it...  Oh no.  And that signature Hillary thing of raising the pitch at the end of her pandering speeches, and screaming.  Usually about how we aren't going to take it anymore.

And they both have court cases. Trump's is civil not criminal.  Hillary's is federal felony stuff, but we don't state that.  We sweep that under the right wing conspiracy rug, and because she's a woman.

So my conclusion is; while I know Trump is as clueless about the constitution and principles of personal liberty as the vast majority of my friends and the public, other candidates more cognizant of the document's meaning, spirit and intent purposely ignore it and weaken it.  And they are freaking over Trump.  It is not because they care about the Constitution.  Or freedom.

It sure makes it tempting to vote for him, just because so many people seem panicked.  Cruz does, and Rubio appears to be resigned to the fact he won't win, so he has devoted himself full time to braying "Na na nah na na!!!!" at Donald Trump.  He is like a fly that just keeps buzzing and buzzing.

And Trump just doubles down on crazy stuff.  Maybe he is right about the effectiveness of going for terrorist families but there is a matter of legality with some of what he implies he'd do.  He couldn't do but so much.  People coming out saying they would refuse orders and all that are most likely stooges for whoever is so worried about the Donald.

Bill Richardson said he'd cure breast cancer if elected.   It isn't like democrats and other politicians don't make outrageous claims.  At this point who cares?

As much as I think Bernie is off base, I'd rather see him run than Hillary.  She doesn't appear to be wrapped too tight.  A power junkie.  A crazier one than the Bern.

If his primary bickering is an indication, Rubio would be a very tedious candidate.  What if it were Marco vs Hillary?  Rubio would be nipping at her ankles the whole time, incessantly barking like a chihuahua, if this debate was any indication.

More than ever, people seem to be acting odd.  Look at Christie's sudden change of demeanor, endorsing Trump, appearing stoned on valium.   He must have been blackmailed. Second fiddle and building up others is not his style.

Maybe nothing is up.  I think hijinks abound.

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