Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bet She Hopes It Goes On Forever

The CTU president, Karen Lewis is clearly smitten with the thrill and power of celebrity. If you've ever played to a large crowd, and it went well, you know the feeling. Same thing giving a talk to a large group, and you know you have them. Works best if you aren't reading the speech.

It is fun to watch narcissists. It makes me feel less of one. If you notice, she makes it as much about her as anything whenever she can. She's a star, on the news, and has a flock of people following her, many of whom sport Che shirts, but don't know who he is or what he did. I suppose it is they who do know, but still wear the shirt that bear concern.

This is a war between tax paid celebrities for power and adulation. Rahm was ambushed so he is losing the celebrity battle big time. It has nothing to do with citizens or children. She may even be after his job next term, although her position is fairly powerful right now. In the future she'll be in a city near you, stopping traffic and doing the union thing, in the spotlight, for the children.
Ever optimistic, rank and file CTU members and supporters urge Ms Lewis to do a stage dive

Your Religion Is A Superstitious Excuse to Lie Cheat Steal and Kill

...and on occasion rape, diddle children, torture and generally be a pest.

If that statement offends you, then it is probably true. I don't even have to point out the ridiculous superstitious, ritualistic nonsense that qualifies for religion in some circles, or their insistence upon everyone tolerating their annoying, abusive rituals, habits and superstitions while showing no respect or tolerance for others who are not nearly as pushy and disrespectful as themselves.
If anyone should ever make fun of you or call that which you worship by name or depict it in a cartoon or movie, I DO NOT CARE, and I am not sorry if it hurts your feelings. (unlike many politicians. Please let me retract their apologies. Many of us are not sorry, carry no guilt) With luck maybe you'll pay attention and realize that you've been duped by pure nonsense and superstition by ever present holy men who love power, sadistic pursuits, and maybe money. You've been tricked.
You traded the cow for the magic beans, but unlike Jack, you ended up with beans that don't grow. They aren't even beans--just pebbles. Well, at least you can do the holy thing and stone someone.

Don't call me phobic, I'm just telling the truth. Your religion is worthless superstition and a source of laughably insane rituals. The only benefit is that it provides a structure and discipline for people to keep them off the streets--unless of course they are on a jihad mission, protesting invented insults, or blowing up some public place with bombs strapped to their bodies.
Oh, you say the bad stuff is only the extreme version of this joke. I don't see the others distancing themselves from what are labeled "extremists". Not really. The others are suing over nonsense and whining that no one likes them. Not many people do. Get over it, or quit being nuts. It's the 8th century ambiance that bugs people, not to mention the stonings, beheadings, bizarre deal with women and sex. Various honor killings or punishments.
Maybe I'm wrong, but I think what annoys people is that you are pushy, backward, insane and proud of it.

You think there is no such thing as mass insanity? You cannot reason with this, cannot "talk and come to understanding". I still hold that not all people are alike. Some of them are total nut cases. But they are holy as hell, so that makes it OKSorry, Ma'am, just carrying out the will of the prophet, pbuh, etc. Why? Because I am an idiot stuck in the dark ages, and damned proud of it. And I'm a victim of all the islamophobic meanies. Prepare to meet your doom as we throw rocks at you until you die for some non-crime crime.

Am I islamophobic? No. Are islamists reason-phobic? Or Sanity-phobic? No, I just dislike everything about it. Sorry. That is why I do not leave to go live in some country that is run by islamic theocracy. Fair enough.

It is one of those religions that is a bit more insanely brutal than most, and wrapped in ritual. And I do not think it is the fringe making the trouble because I don't hear or see the rest of the group reigning them in.

The rest of the group whines, and pushes for special treatment in other countries. Equal under the law, fine. Special footwashers in the airport, refusing the blind to bring seeing eye dogs in a taxi when the taxi company takes them, no. Go away. Oh, and how mean of people in a residential area not to be thrilled if you move in with your annoying call to prayer playing every few hours. It is worthless superstition. You won't get 72 virgins to screw when you blow yourself up. You will, for all eternity, be frozen in you last thought which will be "Ow!", and "Oh no, I'm an idiot!!" No virgins, camels, no celestial stoning of the innocent. It does not exist.

But, it is a thing of such beauty.

But hundreds of thousands, or millions of people can't be wrong. Can they?
Oh, yes they can, and they are

A catholic gave me that argument when I said I think the church got it wrong. Well, they've only been at it for two thousand years, so you think know better? Yep. I do. But I haven't seen Catholics blowing themselves up in crowded places or stoning women because the husband claims she's adulterous or disobedient. Or denying her the right to prosecute a rapist because she doesn't have three male witnesses, or however that dumbass rule goes. And they don't kill people over cartoons.

Honestly, it isn't just you, but others who do much less knife work, as well, who are causing me to doubt all that any religion uses as its basis. I certainly doubt their conclusions regarding what it means for behavior and where you are justified in minding the business of others. So, don't feel too singled out by this infidel. I find I'm even doubtful of the truth and sanity of religions which don't require pitching stones, and don't justify unnecessary killing.

It seems they all have some truth, but who doesn't know it is not in long term best interest to murder, or sleep with my wife? (unless of course you've paid the agreed upon fee) And what parent isn't going to say that God insists that their ungrateful little children honor their parents? Too bad they didn't have the foresight to add one that says, "Thou shalt not be a whiny brat".

Anyway, call it a crisis of faith or what you will. I call it refusing to pretend.

I wouldn't make your beliefs illegal---unlike what many in the world do to others---but I wouldn't be on board with catering to your whims and desires to inconvenience everyone else either. If I can't go through airport security with a sack over my head, then neither can you.

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