Sunday, April 11, 2010

Edge of the Earth

I wonder when I actually fell off the edge of the feverish earth. I wonder if it would have made a difference if it wasn't feverish. Actually, I think that is an idiotic characterization of the planet, but Al's convinced a lot of people it makes sense, and he's made tons of dough in the process.

The effort to get back on this side of the edge has been successful in some ways. Considering I may have been over the edge all my life with brief periods just about getting firmly planted on solid land, the progress is somewhat significant. But, I do not find it easy to clearly define or see the path to real solidity. It doesn't help that I abhor official red tape and interference in life, and find it almost a moral dilemma when it comes to jumping through hoops that ought not be there. Most people don't see it that way and they enjoy a lot of things I don't. Maybe I'm wrong.

Those are things that might have been considered, were I capable of that, long before now. Since I know I was not capable of meaningful analysis back then, it doesn't matter. The thing now is how to get into the flow of things, be secure and in compliance with at least most of the laws of the land. I certainly wouldn't want to do it by being on any government subsidized program. Ought to be my choice.

Then we get to health insurance. Mine lapsed some time ago. I've paid as I've needed, and I've kept something set aside to cover things that might come up--to a point. Beyond that, I would just do without.

However, under the new law I will be required to buy, and if I can't, I'd be required to demonstrate my inability to reasonably purchase this product so that the government can then subsidize the forced purchase. That, of course would mean I'd have to be monitored, much like people on welfare. Except I do not want anything to do with it. I find this a hurdle in my journey to center of the earth. These are not benevolent initiatives on the part of government officials and agencies.

Those who think that it is kind to spend tax money on the peons, provided of course they submit to paternal oversight, do not ever think they will be on the receiving end, and they obviously think those who could be are inferior beings. Fair enough. The trouble ramps up when you force people into that that system. If I somehow make a lot of money, then maybe I can feel fine complying with laws which are absurd in a free land. Until then, not so much.

For now I will just convince myself and the world that I am Amish, or a Christian Science practitioner, and forget the rest. It just confuses the what now question. Living a simple life out of the fray is becoming illegal. That is wrong. And no, I do not feel the slightest obligation to be involved in what is euphemistically called "the community". What they mean by that is unclear. You do not take from a community if you live there, conduct business and behave. You have no reason to "give back". Everyone who does something useful or kind contributes.

The sickness has been so ingrained in the psyche of people in this and other countries that logic scares people more than slavery.

Maybe over the edge the better side.

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