Monday, January 5, 2009

Do I get a Refund?

Instigating is an art, one I used to practice regularly in bars. Long ago. I gave it up when I gave up drinking. Even so, once in awhile I get the urge. If I could instigate a philosophically sound revolution, I would. The trouble is, most people who are up for such a thing are nutcases and have no more grasp of logic and philosophy than do the powers that be.

Today, I am wondering what happens to the debt owed by JS to those who paid for enhanced service for a specified period of time? It is not a lot of money per person, but it is still a debt as far as I am concerned. Had the elusive proprietor of the site been a bit more forthright and accessible, and had he said, "Look, not only do I have no idea who is owed what, but I don't have the money", I would have let him off the hook. Since he hasn't shown that respect, I think he should be held accountable. It is not hard to produce proof of money paid and for what.

I consider it an insult that he's trying to auction the JS domain name on ebay, then claims the proceeds will go to some charity. Screw that. He has no right to take the money of clients and donate it anywhere except back in their pockets. Sign of the times I suppose. If politicians can pretend to care by throwing your money at supposed "good causes" then Dylan can do the same.

As much as I sympathized with his trials and bad experiences. I have no respect for his blatant disregard for his moral obligations in this matter. It is a coward's way out. I don't blame him, I guess. He has clearly avoided any mention of the consequences his mismanagement has on others. The financial end, at least, should be covered. As far as losing posts, that is the fault of those of us who did not properly keep it backed up. Most of us knew better than to rely solely on the site.

Many people could use than ten or twenty dollars they may be owed. I imagine the legal people would have advised him to ignore it; don't open the door. Doesn't make it right, but what is right lately when it comes to matters in which lawyers might be involved. Laws aren't about right and wrong or justice. Maybe they began as such. That was a long time ago.

Good thing this guy wasn't the head of an investment group. We'd be out big bucks if that were the case. Same regard for people and honor. These are strange days, that's for sure.

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