Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Finally, Out of the Recurring Fog

That is the only way I've ever known how to describe it. Maybe I knew some other way but, if so, I forgot. Periods of a foggy perception of the world and the life around me. Those are the days when I function at very low IQ. Lower than it ought to be. Seems like it, anyway.

They did tests several years ago and assured me it wasn't in the category of "everyone feels like that sometimes", and it wasn't my imagination. That was a huge relief because the alternative would be that I'm just nuts. Since then I tried various prescription drugs and home remedies. I quit the RX several years ago because of side effects I did not like and because I felt like a piece of me was missing.

Anyway, in the end you just compensate or adjust. Now that is something most people have to do in one way or another. I've at least learned not to make rash decisions when I'm fogged out. Usually there is a tendency to get all down and out during those periods. Sometimes my work is not too good when that happens, but how would I know?

The more I have to do the less the chance of falling into the fogola. There is never a guarantee. This stretch lasted over a week, maybe longer.

Probably the fumes from the stripper I was using on saltillo tile helped pull me into a good mood again. I can now think. And you said I should stop sniffing glue. Ha! Just goes to show how often conventional wisdom is wrong.

That would be a perfect note to flow into a rant regarding the state of the union but I won't. Instead I keep thinking about all that water in the ocean a few miles from here, and the fact that most of the water comes from way the hell up north, and most of the time there are warnings about water usage and how low the supply is. Got to be ways that don't break the bank. Of course if the cheap, possible ways of producing power became legal, that would help the situation, too. Most everything you do with water takes power.

In any case, problems like that can be solved. It just takes someone figuring out how, then having the wherewithal to implement it. Those things aren't done by bureaucratic fiat. It is just something that isn't done cheaply at this time. I'm sure there is way it could be.

Here on Ballistic Mountain we use well water. I grew up on well water in Miami. Much of unincorporated Dade county had wells. Some of the newer places didn't. I doubt Kendall had that luck. There is a certain freedom to it. There are always different ways to do things, and always ways that aren't yet discovered or tried. That last bit is what is so often missing when people discuss these matters, especially in the public forum. A few options are laid out and that's that. Usually they all have drawbacks either functionally or philosophically.

Please send me an ipad when you get around to it. I think it is a go.

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