Friday, July 13, 2012

Just Too Much

Plenty of material in the world, if I wanted to write. The difficulties I have are with the nature of the material, and the fact that many people, friends and family included, are on board with half the futuristic prophesies of Orwell and others unfolding before their eyes.

More than the reality shaking which happens every time I learn a new detail about some law or agency, the general approval and acceptance of it by my fellow citizens/non-citizens/lowlife/comrades/peers/hyenas-masquerading-as-human. I'm not sure what we or they are to be called any more.

The term "citizen" means almost nothing any more, just like gay no longer means happy and festive in a universal sort of way. And the rainbow can't just be a goddam rainbow without visions Barney Frank haunting one's mind.

In this world it does not matter whether you have something to hide, or not, as the typical gung ho cop or cop supporters seem to think. Sooner or later what you felt you had no need to hide will be off limits or require permission. It will come back to bite you. All of it.

And you, too will become a fugitive. Maybe not an insurance fugitive like some of us, but you wait. It will come. Perhaps you'll become an obesity fugitive or, a caffeine outlaw. Any number of possibilities, and you can be sure you wouldn't even guess some of what's to come.

What is easily guessable is the look on the faces of those who achieve success in the imposition of whatever new and fantastic bit of tyranny people will tolerate. Many will wildly embrace it, as they do now. You think people will not enslave themselves? Geez, just look around. All it takes is to lay down a trail of cookie crumbs and whole segments of our society willingly remain ignorant, violent, bitter, yet compliant when it comes to supporting the ruling class who keeps them stupid and miserable. Part of the great pretense.

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