Friday, July 6, 2012

I'm Thinking Coastal--incredible to have choices

It is still difficult for me to recognize choices in my life, and not fall prey to the inner voice that tends to imprison me. Leaving Memphis was a huge exercise in stepping back and realizing that it was possible for me to take off into the unknown if I so chose. And so I did.

There is a purpose for this trip as I know my destination is to make it to the family celebration in Oregon, of all places. None of us live there, but that is how we roll these days.

It seems too complicated, expensive, and too much long haul driving with time constraints for it to make sense to hook up with vagabond lady. Things don't always time out for my convenience.

The low pressure plan is to ride the coast north of LA all the way up to Oregon. I've never done it and it seems a shame to be here and not give it a shot, now that I am in the mood. And because it is possible. Breaking away from the usual always feels odd, like I need to go to confession, or like I've stolen something, SHOULD BE doing other unknown things.

Truth is, I could be smashed by errant space objects and never have lived that bit of adventure and beauty which is here to enjoy. As time goes on, many things are best done sooner than later.

Guess I'll finally have to get a new windshield, that long standing S shaped crack is crawling again. These are expenses which cut into the kayak fund. Besides I haven't decided what is ultimately the best craft for my use. I'm not planning to shoot rapids, I don't think. Maybe I'll just wait for Lotto to call my name and settle for a ChrisCraft. I doubt it, though.

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