Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Still Not Sick

Things may progress more rapidly than anticipated.  Such a weird process.  It may end up that we go more directly into the transplant procedure.  No idea really why the alternative to this is the standard way.  Much of it I just don't quite get.

What I do get is that in biology so many factors come into play that it is hard to put everything in the same box.  Some people respond one way, some another to the same stimulus.

The good news is that the preliminary bone marrow report shows me to be leukemia free and shows signs of trying to produce more and give some higher levels of white cell related things, which is what we want.

WE'll know more about everything tomorrow.   Today was all good news.  They have apparently found my clone.   Reportedly, somewhere in the world they have a willing 10 out of 10 match.  Not sure what the 10s are but the picture is easy to grasp.   Often people have to work with less than that.  This increases my odds for success.

I know this is all horribly self centered.  Hospital stays can do that.  There are some other patients that have had success with various things since I have been here.  I have had brief interaction with them.  It is cool to see them make it through.   Some are more cranky and spend their time in bed with TV.  Some are just not in good enough condition to do much.

The main enemy is the refusal to do the things to prevent respiratory issues like pneumonia.  They need to get out of bed, walk, breathe, use this little breath thing.  The inspirometer.  You inhale lightly to keep the left ball in the range that says best and see how high you can get the disc on the right to go.  Maybe it is marked in milliliters.   It goes up to 5000.

At first I thought 3500 was pretty good, but I have since hit 5000.  Only a couple of times.   But I don't cheat, I keep the left hand part solidly in the "best" range.   You have to inhale lightly in a controlled fashion to keep it there.  No question harmonica playing has helped.   So has not smoking for the last four years.    Lucky.   It is a tricky device.  Brute force won't help.

People often end up back here or have trouble here because of not doing what is needed to help stave off respiratory issues.  You are vulnerable in any case, but odds can be tilted in your favor by doing the right things.  I try.  Stay here long enough and anything can happen.   So I am extra vigilant.

May not be here long before hiatus at home.  May be shorter time than thought between now and endgame, which is transplant and that process.

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