Friday, July 30, 2010

On A Los Lonely Boys kick

I've bee looking up acoustic versions they did of some songs on Tv or wherever. They have videos on youtube. Some great stuff.
Also some good jams plugged in, too.

It always drives me nuts when some performer or group, who are clearly not copies of something get compared to others as if people have to try to put them in a box. A lot of Santana comparison. I think because they have some latin beat and progressions going. They're Texican rockers. I suppose some people would think any electric guitar with a Mexican flair would have to go in the Santana box.

Some comparison is natural, but it really gets overdone. I wonder who they offer up as "sounds like" for Santana or Stevie Ray Vaughn?

These guys were brought up on Beatles and all the stuff like that. They even have an EP out called 1969 as a tribute to music from that year, including Doors Roadhouse blues and a bunch of others.

Anyway, they definitely can hit the spot. The Song Heaven was written by the guitar player when his infant son died of SIDS. It won them fame and a grammy.

It may be the best band name ever. I think Los Lonely Boys is a perfect name. Texas has some of the best music if you are a sucker for Latin influenced rock, country, etc, like I am. It may be my favorite kind of music. Texican.

I saw that Jojo the bass player has some sort of vocal cord lesions and they cancelled concerts the last few months. I hope they get it worked out. A very tight family they have. I saw an interview in which the typical news woman asked the guitar player if the three brothers get sick of each other, being on the road together so much. He answered, "I would have to say, absolutely not!".

Just did not fit the mold for that airheaded news person.

And they wonder why meeting one anthropologist has poisoned previously peaceful cultures. Imagine if they'd met a news man as their first introduction to the outside world. It would have been even worse.

There's another Tex/Mex band that I keep trying to remember. They have about 20 people on stage. It's like they found a spot for all their family and friends, even if they just clap their hands now and then.

I like this song.

Here's one a little more recent from a jazz festival in Yankeeland. It's a 26 minute jam. Bobby ought to like this one. I've always been disappointed that bands I played with did not regularly turn a good song into a set long jam.
I like this sort of thing. Good free spirited creative guitar pleases me. I know, me, the one who fears those with guitar player syndrome disease. If you can play and have some creativity, that usually fixes it. Knowing when to be somewhat layered re volume helps. Full scream 100% of the time robs you of any drama, feel, or soul that you may have had to offer. Dynamics, rarer than one would think.

The drummer looks like that guy from LOST. Either it is a nickname or his father named him after Ringo Starr, because his name is Ringo. Henry is the only one with a non-nick name sounding name.

forgot to include an acoustic one---here it is

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