Monday, August 16, 2010

Things I Know Little About: part 1 -Wimmins// else

What wimmins like:
I don't know too much about that, but I do think they like to have the last word. This comes to mind when texting, emailing or talking on the dreaded phone. That is my theory on wimmins for today.

So we played the Crest community center for a 50th wedding anniversary Sunday afternoon. Some of the band knows the people. The husband of the pair used to have some bit parts in some old cowboy movies and liked our performance.

They were nice people and the little community building there is a cool place. We played out on the back patio and I sweated through my shirt.

It was a low key affair but a lot of people. Some guys played after us but all the people went back inside. They seemed nice enough, and played well, but kind of boring. I loaded up from the buffet then took off to come back to the mysterious power brokers house and continue working. I need to finish this project in a day or two, so I stay here, work, hit the pool at night and goof off.

There are some good harmonies in this group and strong individual vocals. They did well.

My brother is digging up things with a little half track steam shovel looking thing. It is supposed to be for excavation in his never ending search for dinosaurs in the middle of absolutely nowhere, Montana. He said he'd do terrible things to anyone who called the machine "cute", so of course I have called it the "cutest steam shovel I ever saw" and variations of that more than once. We rarely communicate but he sent a picture of it. He picked it up in WA state somewhere and dug up a bunch of stuff at N2, youngest nephew's house in Seattle, before hauling it back to dinosaur country, I guess it goes on a trailer he can haul.

You wonder how people can grow up in the same house and have such divergent life experience. I don't really wonder so much. I can pin most of it down. I suspect my brother and others find it more of a mystery, or assume it is a disparity in basic intelligence. I think that assumption is off the mark.

In any case the completely different paths do put a bit of a wedge in the relationship. Too bad. But it is what it is.


I'm struck by the fact that my connections in San Diego county are all in the very best of the places here. I'm out in the country and in a pretty good spot. I like the quiet and the view and many of the people. It is horse country and coyote country. Then I work in a resort community full of uppity-ups. Very nice place, but the best of the people tend to be the workers, not the owners. Except for the lady who, maybe with husband I never met, used to own this resort and still owns plenty around here. She's a spunky, cool older woman. One of those who could be 80 and kick your butt for the hell of it.

Most of the others just go out of their way to be pushy and seem to make asses of themselves trying to affect the demeanor of VIPs. This is horse country too, but not like normal horse people who are almost always cool. Probably the ones who actually care for the horses and train them are OK. But they don't run one another off the road in BMWs and Rovers. But to their credit, they collect some strikingly stunning trophy wives. Although at times I suspect the eye candy on the arm is being rented for a day or two.


  1. Hmmmm if you figure out wimmins let me know....

    We are planning a 50th wedding anniversary for my parents.

    My Uncle Rome died of a massive heart attack on his 50th wedding anniversary. He kicked it right in front of us. Everyone was scrambling to help him but he simply left this dimension.

    I had put that in the back of my mind. That was a very ugly day.

    I trust yours was better.


  2. Yes, this event went well. No casualties. They seemed healthy, happy, and I think they genuinely like as well as love each other. It was nice without being sappy. Horse people and cowboy actors.


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