Friday, September 17, 2010

i forgot

There was a great idea. I was eager to write about it. Then I got together with G2 for a half band practice. Now I don't know.

It was not so long as the last one and less politically incorrect and revolutionary. But what was it? I don't know

Oh well


  1. I've had several hundred thousand Great Ideas over the years that vanished into the same hole that swallowed yours. In fact, I just had another one while I was writing this, and damned if I know what it was.

    There must be a place somewhere that has a big pile of unused, low-mileage Great Ideas, just waiting to be found.

    Just another conspiracy against us!

  2. All those ideas that you two have lost in the Great Hole must have needed a good share of my small hand tools, nails and assorted screws.

    Question is - what is it going to look like and what will it do?


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