Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's your fault if I quit

I put my story into a regular word processing program. I'd been using text/edit, Mac's version of notepad. Their word is called pages. I have 23 pages so far.

The thing is, I started skimming from the beginning and Holy Smoke!! This thing is B O R I N G. I edited some as I went through, mostly fixing ugly sentences and nonsense. I can see I have to pull certain parts and place them elsewhere.

So far I am not going to give up because if I lived the life in the story for a few weeks, I'd be exhausted but not bored. There are not any continuity errors or things of that nature. Just a ton of sharpening things up and putting it all into a better flow.

Your job is to absolutely not let me give up. If you do, then you are a crumby friend and can never read my story or borrow my espresso maker, and I'll be living a life of noisy desperation instead of quiet.


  1. What you need is an editor. Getting another eye (or pair of eyes, if you're lucky) to look at what you're writing and make suggestions makes the writing process easier and better....

    I know one who works cheap.... *cough*

  2. You left out the curse of hitting your toes on bedposts.

    Quit editing and just write. Get it all out. DON'T GO BACK and read: JUST WRITE until it's done. The finish line is just the goal. The race is the exciting part.

    Scribbler is having a coughing attack so go pat him on the back and get his advise.

  3. I should also say that, as someone who has belched out a lot of words for various clients over the years, I never thought anything I wrote was any damn good while I was writing it.

    Sometimes, I was correct, and went back and redid the finished product. Other times, I was wrong.

    So Breath-e has the right idea. Just crank it out, buckaroo, and worry about how good it is later. The result will be better than you think.

  4. I've told you more times than I can count that your writing is often inspired and deserves a wider audience. Wish it could be collected & published in a book.


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