Thursday, October 21, 2010

Narration Dreams?

This is a first. I don't think I like it. Dreams which run like a documentary, with a little bit of first person thrown in. Part of the time you are watching listening to yourself narrate and at moments you're the in the action.

Like when the colonial militia, I assume, is having trouble fording a river so they move down the the bank in the shallows before planning to cross where it is mostly shallow rapids.

Trouble is, by that time the British have done the same on the other side. Everyone's on horses.

The Brits showing up was a surprise because the narrator was unaware that we were to the point of conflict yet. Since it was such a surprise and they looked hostile, the other side fired on them, dropping quite a few. Then a bunch more Brits rode up to take their place. The narrator seemed sympathetic to the colonials decision to forget the river and get out of there.

I haven't been reading any more Ben Franklin books or anything like that. This narrator, though, was spouting all sorts of names, facts and figures that I've never heard and don't now remember. It all sounded valid, like he knew his stuff. Could have been propaganda I guess. Or gibberish just to make him sound informed. Except he sounded a lot like me.

If this means I've gone over the edge and am really nuts, I am going to be mad as a hornet. Or a hatter.


  1. Narrator? Did he sound like the guy who narrated the old Disney nature films? That dude was cool....

    That's quite an imagination you got there, buckaroo. Doesn't sound like you've gone over the edge; I'd say you have an imagination that isn't getting used enough.

  2. I just hope I covered my tracks well enough, otherwise the Brits are sure to enslave me in some sort of perverted camp for their voyeuristic amusement.


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