Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Why Don't I get It?

Millions of people find facebook useful, and useable. I find it neither. Especially useable. If you decide you like something then you end up with that person or organizations quips all over your "wall". Some of them put more than I care to see. The whole thing is chaotic. I must be missing something.

It tells me what some person on ist liked about someone else who doesn't interest me. It's too much info.

I'm sure I am missing something, but I can only stand to be on that site a few minutes at a shot. Perhaps I am just anti-social. I don't know if what I see is what anyone who hits my page sees or not. I can't figure it out.

Since I only go there when I get email relating to someone I know there, I guess it is ok. But recently I received notification that claimed 2 photo tags. It said my friends were waiting on me. For what? I click the link and a page about finding friends, with links to yahoo and other suggested hunting grounds shows up. I am not trying to "find friends" there. Some people show hundreds or thousands of friends. I hardly believe those can really be friends. I get requests from strangers. Nothing of interest to me on their pages so screw them.

I know it and twitter are great pr venues which maybe I will one day want to use, but for now I can't even figure out facebook. By the time I need it maybe there will be another, more intuitive site that makes sense to me, like the old JS, or even this site. Unlikely. I'm glad I used an assumed name on facebook.

That guy who created it is a billionaire. Never in a million years would I figure a big chaotic pain like that would go over. I'm sure I am somehow missing the beauty of it. That sort of bothers me. If it is so easy for everyone else, why is it headache material to me?


  1. Exactly. Thank you. We now have a crowd of two. (Although I'm sure there must be more of us out there.)

  2. I ignore all requests except for friend requests, and I trash those if I don't know who it is. I also don't click on any links. Once in a whie I go into the layers of settings and refine what I want to see or want others want to see.

  3. I also don't like Facebook, but.... it's turned out to be the only place where I hear news about my family! Most of my USA relatives are on it, and through them I found out that my niece was pregnant (she posted pics of her whole pregnancy!), then about her having her baby.

    Most of my "friends" are relatives or former JS'ers... rarily people I don't know. The messaging system is sometimes quite convenient, since blogger doesn't have one.

    But most of the messages people write are sooooo silly! "today I'm having hamburger for dinner"... WHO CARES!! geeeeez

    I never check my twitter account... it's worst then facebook.

  4. Although I find Facebook and Twitter mildly amusing, I can't say they have exactly enriched my life. I just don't get how using either -- or any kind of "social media" -- can be considered good for business. Too old to understand, I guess.

    The skills required are not much above trained-monkey level. If you can play "solitaire" on the computer, you, too, can be a Twitter whiz!

    Somehow, I'm thinking you will once again be cutting-edge and create "antisocial media." I'm on hand when you do!

  5. Facebook is shallow and sort of "in the moment". I have an account and it grows like a weed but I do not post anything worthwhile.

    I prefer to blog.

  6. Have always had real bad feelings about that place. Almost every day there is another story about someone getting fired or attacked because of it. Last time, it was personal info being compromised.

    What is sometimes entertaining is when some screwup is in the news and someone links their facebook page.


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