Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Springtime Again

It would be hard to believe that anywhere on the planet has a more picture perfect, day in and day out, climate than San Diego. Go a few miles east and mild seasons are thrown in the mix. In my part of the country I prefer fall and winter, since summer days can get a little toastier than I like.

What kind of place has different weather every few miles? It's crazy. That explains why the News calls weather reports Micro Climate forecasts. It took me awhile to get the micro part of their climate jabber. Now I get it. Things are different here than there.

I'm far enough out---over 20 miles--that temperatures can vary 20 degrees or more from San Diego proper, particularly the coast. Point Loma, itself, has permanent 70 something weather and it very rarely rains. Any variance of 5 degrees in temp sends the residents into emergency panic mode.
News fighting for You, or whatever any other stations calls it, doesn't do much detail reporting regarding the Alpine area. Too sparsely populated and might give the city a bad rap with its variances of over Five Degrees in a single day!

It is surprising that I am permitted to live out here without owning a pickup truck with tires taller than most undocumented beer drinkers who hang out at the corner by the 76 station drinking beer and leering at passers by. I would have thought they were day labor waiting for someone to hire them except for the dirty looks they give those who catch their gaze. Perhaps they specialize in hiring out to masochists. It's sunny California, baby, we got it all in abundance.

:had to delete the comment based on double entendre

Those jacked up pickup trucks must cost a fortune to drive. I guess they are tall so that horses and cows won't step on your car. Lots of horses and quite a few cows out here. I'm glad to be among them once again, and out of Rancho Trophy People. Have to go back tomorrow afternoon, but that is how life is. I'll be back home straight away.

***off the wall upside down note***
The same people who justified war on drugs intrusions--"If you got nuthin to hide, ya got nuthin to worry about"---are the same ones who now find TSA to be intrusive, and the ones who opposed the law and order era intrusions now seem to acquiesce to the latest barrage of personal rights violations---"It is necessary to keep us safe". Same idiocy different team of idiots. The next step is for everyone to fly naked, be drugged into a stupor and duct taped to the seat. Why not make the jump to that now? It will be safe.


  1. I have never been to San Diego but have heard it is nice although folks from our side complain it is actually a little bit chilly...

  2. The ocean is colder. Winter is warmer and summer cooler than your area.


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