Sunday, December 26, 2010

hulu movie review

For those of us TV challenged, who like to see movies, especially at times when the mind needs to be quieted through diversionary pursuit, is an easy place to go for free flicks. I was in just such a mood , as I often am, and found the movie Rock My World.

Peter O'Toole played a major role, so how bad could it be? Fortunately, no bad at all. Just the thing--a movie about a band and the crazy things that go on, and about regaining perspective when pride is at stake, as well as livelihood. The music was, fortunately, an irrelevant aspect of the film. The music itself was nothing to write home about. But it didn't matter. It's a fun and silly story. A good movie to watch to enjoy a brief escape from the less pleasant story that might be running through your mind. Depending upon who you are. If you are me, it was the ticket.

Some Hulu movies are worse than awful. Don't be fooled by what's on the first page of choices. Often the good ones get buried down the list. I think they up their position according to what is a recent add, and what gets the most play. There are plenty of teenagers or others with poor taste who also use the site.

So, in addition to Artois the Goat--a very original and clever movie, I'd say Rock My World has its place. Of course Artois is in a class somewhat by itself, and given a choice, one or the other, it would win out.

I hope this has been helpful.

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  1. If you like Peter O"Toole, you might enjoy "My Favorite Year", and, to a lesser extent, "What's New Pussycat". I definitely have to be 'in the mood' for the latter, but I think the former is a top notch, probably under-rated flic.


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