Thursday, December 16, 2010

Molly, Raccoons, and Other

Sunset looking toward Alpine from Ballistic Mountain

Originally, I was all hyped to write about "other", but I forgot what other was. Or is.

Now, I have to fill in the latest on Molly--The Cat. Tonight I went over for feeding lessons. I had the pleasure of shooting up the cat. I don't think he even knew it was happening, but then I am an artiste in all things. I nailed him with the needle while he was eating.

Then I find out they don't leave until Sunday. I thought it was tomorrow. I forgive them. My friends made it clear that it is not my fault if Molly dies, runs away, or turns to life of crime. These are very thoughtful people who do not want someone doing them a favor to feel on the spot.

What I had not realized previously is that Molly can go outside when he chooses. If, for example, I have fed him in the morning and he wants to go out when I leave, it is OK to let him out and leave him there until I come back. Due to the many good hiding places around the house, and Molly's wily nature, they say he'll be OK. And when you come to feed him, he is sure to be right there as you open the door.

Even so, of all the possibilities, I hope nothing unusual happens, or, at most, he turns to a life of crime. In California that could mean anything--smoking in an empty park. Growing medicinal marijuana is only a federal crime.

That brings me to a question:
Given the choice, would you pull money out of your pocket to pay the feds to raid medicinal pot facilities in California if you lived on the east coast or Texas or somewhere?
I certainly would not willingly donate money to deal with herbs grown elsewhere. Actually, not here either. I see no harm in it and find arguments relating to harm to be unfounded. Not saying it is a productive habit, but it is by far less dangerous to others than alcohol. That goof who flipped out on an airplane then blamed his medicinal pot was purely lying.

So, if Molly, the cat, goes into the medicinal pot racket while his wardens are away, no harm done, unless the feds decide to do one of their periodic muscle flexing exercises to prove they have power over the states--which is actually contrary to the Constitution in many people's minds. Especially in a case which is not denying people rights.

My raccoon is still after the garbage, but so far, he can't get the lid off. I keep the bungee cord on it at all times. He did manage to tip over the can the other night. I put on the light and threw water at him--no time to boil the water, or oil.
I must say, he is a fine looking critter and he stared at me with an inquisitive, overly innocent expression, as if to say, "Hi. You can't possibly think I did anything wrong. I'm too cute! Besides, I'm just looking at that garbage can, I have no idea how it got tipped on its side. Can I be your innocent, harmless friend?"

"No you can't, you trouble making varmint!!!", I said in raccoonese.

Must have been last year I had the flu. Seems like much longer than that.
Here's the photo taken by flu experts at the time


  1. Always makes you nervous pet sitting doesn't it?


  2. Shame on you! You give the kitty the needle and then expect him to turn into a ganja-crazed junkie?

    P.S. If they live anywhere close to you, I'm not sure I'd let Molly wander at night. He might be speedy and resourceful, but so are some of the local predators. Not your decision...just sayin'.

  3. Scrb, they've had him for over a decade and let him out as he chooses. Their house is large enough and has places he goes where the coyotes don't. He usually curls up in some ceramic outdoor fireplace and goes to sleep. It's on one of the decks. I don't second guess such things. Let him live free, I say.


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