Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pg 95 and so it goes

I wish these people would do something interesting. They're stuck in my story, which is like an ongoing dream, which means it may be best to read it while you sleep.

People in this saga end up with primo jobs and I think they all have more stuff to do than I do. At least they waste less time. Plus they are obligated to do what they do, otherwise they'd be out on their ear and back in the weeds. Maybe I could get one of them to write my story instead.

I wonder if I ought to kill anyone off after awhile. So far no one has suffered physically; only psychologically. What's the opposite of thriller? This book is a psychological [opposite of thriller]. But don't worry--it is not that convoluted or hard to follow. Not even that deep. Or deep at all.

we'll get to this later

I think I'll find an excuse for them all to join up on Mt Laguna in the Spring for some old fashioned no-holds-barred fertility rites. Not enough of that around these days. Other than some bizarre practices here and there involving stoning and dismemberment, the wildest religious practices involve a cracker and a sip of wine. Just curious, but has the FDA managed to gets sticky fingers into that yet? Wouldn't surprise me. What if the bread or cracker is not up to anti-obesity standards?

Oh well. I manage to avoid such issues in the story so far. And I have yet to do like they do in chick books--I haven't described the fabric, colors, and particular fashions people are wearing. So far no specific shoe types are discussed. Maybe I need to fix that so that someday women will like my story better. They should like it because the men are somewhat baffled and a little fearful of the A Team women in the book. Probably some of myself in there. That danged Eddie, not even the main character, got my favorite of the women. Figures. Everyone likes Eddie best. I may have to send him to jail or out to sea never to return.

I'm only writing this so the 3 or 4 people who read it will read my book when it is done.

Soon it will be 100 pages--that is a huge landmark. I doubt it will get shorter when I go back through to edit. A lot of editing will probably be to expand and some things, restate and clarify others, fix the conflicting spelling of some names, etc.

It's good to have a project to which I have committed. Commitment is not exactly my strong suit these last however many years.

When I finish, maybe someone will trade me a set of all the keys, minor major, melody maker, etc. that Lee Oskar and Seydel harmonicas make for my book. Can't blame me for wishful thinking. Well, you can, but you shouldn't, that would be bad form.

Here's the cheaper version of the Seydel, from close to $70 for the other to near $40 for this one, but REMEMBER all Keys available are the terms of the trade. Just saying. I had one of these and like it even better than Lee Oskars. I've switched to all kinds of harps and always eventually go back to Lee Oskar, even though I have some Golden Melody, special 20 big river, marine band and whatnot from Hohner, and a few Herings--bad quality control on those

So, save up for when the book is done and we can trade. You can obtain both Lee Oskars and the Seydels at

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