Saturday, January 1, 2011

Car Show

A friend said, hey let's go to the car show. Didn't cost me anything, so, OK. I don't really care much about things I am not driving, and couldn't buy if I wanted to.

He's in a related business having to do with replacing and repairing wrecked rides. I thought he'd be into it, what my car people pals in NC called a "car queer". Turns out no.

What was interesting were the people. Old folks on Buicks, everyone on most cars, except the BMW people who were pawing the Beemers--they tend to be more easily identifiable. Very serious and posh sorts.

I thought it would be good to go so technology wouldn't take me by surprise. In reality, there is nothing all that new. Cars I thought were 100% electric have high horse power gas engines to make them practical. Practical if you ignore the purchase price.

Education is always good.

The best part was a wheelchair with half tracks and the low riders we saw lining the street at Chicano park just before entering the freeway on the way home.

They had four or five Packards lined up, then old pontiacs Chevy, etc. All in great shape and all sitting about an inch off the road because the shocks weren't pumped up. Must have been fifty cars or so. A regular weekend event, apparently.

I am suspect of any racist park name but that is how it is. Makes me think they probably hate every iota of a cracker, but maybe the low rider crowd is too busy making their cars shine and jump. I have to get down there again some weekend and see if they kill me or if I have fun.

Who knew jumping low riders were still on the scene? Not I.

And that is pretty much all you need to know about cars in 2011. Oh, and the price of Subarus is about the same as 2008. Also a new word I learned, "Subris", the condition that makes Subaru drivers think they can drive better than everyone else in the rain.

In my case, it is true- rain or shine.


  1. In all my years of car-show attendance, I went straight for the weird cars, every time. I'd rather own a Smart car than a Ferrari, and old can instead of a new one.

    A Mexican friend and I almost bought a low-rider (4'48 Chevy) once. His wife and my then-girlfriend stopped that....

  2. That should be "old car," not "old can." Sometimes not much difference between the two, though....


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