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State of the Union; the real deal

Because most Americans are believed, by elected officials, to live in some other country, or to have no clue what their lives are like should they happen to live in the USA, we have a tradition called "The State of the Union Address". It is a speech delivered by the president which usually begins, "My detestable subjects, madam/ and/ or Mr Speaker, disgusting members of Congress, Mom, Dad, those who own a piece of me..."

Of course I have taken the liberty of decoding the actual language used. They traditionally go on to say things like:

"I am doing one hell of a great job, and any hint of discourse to the contrary is the result of rumors spread by the criminally insane. Trust me, I'm a lawyer, or part of a large political dynasty.

Anything I've screwed up is actually the fault of either my predecessor or those who oppose me. They are all terrible people because the don't support me, and by definition, that means they are very bad.

Never fear because I, and my political allies, will save you. From yourselves if need be. We know best, trust us.
Anything that may seem problematic and created by our manipulation of markets, labor, resources, and school lunch is actually not a problem that is anyone's fault. It just dropped out of the sky.

Like the national debt. Just dropped out of the sky. Probably due to global warming.

But we will fix it We all have to do our part, which means you will suffer, a lot, while we enjoy good pensions, healthcare, the best personal jets in the world, and a few other perks that naturally are due us because we are better than you.

So, everything is dandy, and what isn't will be much better when you quit getting in the way. We may need a few more dollars so pony up cheerfully, like a true patriot."

That's pretty much how it goes, and how the address will go on Tuesday. It will be a self aggrandizing piece of propaganda, which is what those addresses have been for a long time, generally speaking.

Here's the real deal:

State of the Union:
We owe a lot of money.

We spend more than we take in.

Food and gas costs keep rising.

It is tough to get a decent or indecent job for a lot of people. Tons are unemployed.

Plenty of people do not really want jobs, or they want a jobs but only as a place to hang out, complain, and sleep--for pay. So the jobless, and vocal about it, are not 100% well meaning decent people. Many are. Just making sure we include at least 50% of the Memphis work force here. I know, it sounds like I was describing many government employees, but I am sticking to the unemployed.

Don't take this to mean there aren't plenty of people in dire straits who are smart. ambitious, competent and willing. There are. That is the state of things.

This is what is known as sacrifice. Why, will someday be revealed. For now, it is asserted by the ruling class that those who seek government assistance are the latter sort rather than the Memphis sort. But the truth is the opposite.

We manage to work deals with China which pretend to be free trade but which are really not. That helps keep you out of work.

We continue to fight wars which have unclear objectives, and even those who support them give varying justifications and versions of how the efforts are going.

We're making more laws as fast as we can and complicating the hell of them so it is likely that 90% of the country has violated some regulation without knowing it.

Most places in this country are very nice and would do fine without much outside advice, regulation or help.

You can't be left with thoughts like that or you might not be scared enough to put up with things that serve to keep the right people in charge, and in luxury.

If everyone could worry about science they in no way really understand, mind the business and birthing choices of others, get worked up about do or don't ask, do or don't tell in the military, even though we no longer have a specific definition of what the military is for, then we wouldn't worry about any of the stuff that is at the heart of why we find mobility more difficult, and why food costs us more than dope.

And we wouldn't wonder how we so quickly became accustomed to proving our innocence when crossing certain state lines, flying, or any number of other life activities.

Good night and good day to you all.

That about covers the highlights.

The very short version of The Real Deal State of the Union Speech, as delivered by sitting presidents (actually standing--behind a podium) is this:
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

You may have noticed, I am not Obama bashing or making comments about the tearful speaker of the House, or much else on the specific individual charlatan level. It is useless to do this, and none of them acts alone. I do find the hypocrisy of Letterman liberals to be getting a little out of hand, but I guess that is how it goes. I do not see a true opposition party. People get elected by people who think the insanity will be slowed and we end up with everyone wanting to hold hands, cry, be bi-partisan, etc.

Bi-partisan is a scam. If they were on the same page, why not just be one big happy official state party? In a way they already are. I'll settle for the pretense that they are inspired by differing philosophies. Crazy and crazier. Besides the less they get along, the less damage they can do. Viva gridlock!

It is a money making joke. And, apparently, a fun way of life.

Personally, I'd rather worship ancient Greek or Roman or Nordic gods than offer the obeisance these erroneously labeled public servants expect and demand.

Lots of people do not care or consider what the state of the union is. Some people think it is in good condition and some think it is bad shape. There are many who have a particular view of the condition but base the view on almost opposite philosophies.

I, for example, may think the place is becoming a tyrannical police state and is therefore going to heck in a hand basket. There are those who feel it is going to heck in a hand basket because it is not regulated enough. There you have it.

It only makes sense to get emotional over your own world. Try to do the right thing in relation to the larger world around you, recognizing that most of what goes on there is beyond your control. That's my theory. Every now and then I practice it.

So the state of the union address is just so much theater, and a waste of tax money.

Almost forgot--they have rebuttal state of the union from whichever party doesn't hold the presidency. Of course this is all confined to republican or democrat, as if they encompass the only reasonable choices.

The rebuttal just makes that party look stupid and nitpicking. It cheers on their die hard advocates but pretty much galvanizes their opposition.
I'm not sure when the rebuttal routine started, but I don't think they always did it. Maybe they did and I am unaware of it.

It is as big a waste as the regular State of the Union propaganda circus.

All of this still reinforces the implication that these people are royalty and we are their subjects. Their will be much pomp and circumstance. t will be as if a king is issuing a royal decree.

I despise monarchy and all the vestiges of it that we have retained, including the playing of "Hail to the Chief". Hail this you arrogant bastards!
Maybe they should play "I'm a Loser" by the Beatles. Or Inagodadavida.

So, the rebuttal is another waste of time and money. Another bit of dumb propaganda. What is worse is that the times I sort of agree with any republican giving a rebuttal, they come off like complete goof balls. It is like getting the worst possible spokesman to sell a good idea. A bad delivery can kill it and republicans take the cake on bad delivery.

Democrats have to get credit for great delivery of really abusive and wrong ideas. But it sounds good. No one considers whose money is being used and whose life is being manipulated. Democrats lie admirably. Really, do you believe Obama and Hilary wake up every day and their first thought is "How can I make the lives of the American people better?" Both of them claimed that is what they do.
Personally, I wish they would all wake up and say "How can I get another 2000 unnecessary laws off the books today, and reign in the power of governmental and regulatory agencies?"

The Union is in a state of suspended reality.


  1. AMMMMen! {thumbs up}

    PS: I died laughing re "school lunch" and "half of Memphis." FOCL!

  2. FOCL = falling off chair laughing (ever hear of google? {grin})

  3. I wear googles when doing work that might result in debris lodging in my eyes.


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