Monday, March 28, 2011

Left handed Justice, or something

Tomorrow, I try again to get to jury duty at the appointed hour. I checked and double checked, triple, quadruple, etc. checked, to be sure I remember the right day this time.

I'm allergic to government buildings and especially prosecutors, police, and rules. Even so, I will do my best to be good. If they are crazy enough to actually pick me, then it means someone in the process has some sense. It would behoove a defense attorney whose client is innocent to put me on board. Lots of people are inclined to be as closed minded with presumption of guilt as the average El Cajon highway patrol officer.

Left handed has nothing to do with it.

I was wondering if most right handed people twist the lid off of a stubborn jar with their right hand while holding the body of the jar with their left hand, or not. I always use my left hand to turn the lid itself. I'm mostly right handed, but not in all things.

Playing harmonica, it is standard to hold the harp in the left hand and use the right to do the flutters and whatnot. I do that stuff with the left hand. But I don't really hold it correctly, or with one hand in the standard way. I do have left over right, instead of the standard, right over left.

So, I'm curious about the jar issue. You never know, this could have bearing on a case. What if they determine that the victim was attacked by a left hander, and the defendant is right handed but opens jars left handed? An over zealous prosecutor could send an innocent person up the river. I do not intend to let this happen.


  1. This was a plot point in a good book I just read - the left-handed beating of a woman by a right-handed man. The defense lawyer in the story has as his greatest fear that he won't recognize innocence if he ever sees it. He'd much rather defend the guilty because then if they go to jail, he doesn't feel so bad. You might like the book: The Lincoln Lawyer, by Michael Connelly. (They just made a movie of it.)

  2. I turn the lid with my left hand.

  3. Right handed and I hold the jar with my left, turn the lid with my right.

  4. Well, this is inconclusive, but I think Fuj has mentioned being partly left handed, or I just imagined it. Since he's a musician he probably has some of the same loose screws. I need to know the norm. I bet the sanity model is it.


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