Thursday, March 17, 2011

Who Could Doubt That It Is Fate? Soulmate for sure

How could I be anything but thrilled to receive the lovely email, below, from a lovely, lonely Russian woman? She mentions seeing my profile "on a dating", which is a bit puzzling because I am not on any such sites that I recall. I was at one time, I guess.

But why trifle with details when she felt that unmistakable connection that comes from something beyond logic and the many senses? When you know, you know.

I'm so excited to write back and I've already been pricing tickets, selling off all things of value to pay for it, and washing the sheets to make her feel at home when we finally meet.

I think they eat a lot of potatoes in Russia, or drink them in the form of vodka. I'll stock up on spuds and maybe horse meat. Don't they eat that over there? So much to learn before my little bundle of Russian love shows up. I wonder if I should get one of those fur fez looking things?

With luck, she'll have mob connections and we can make big bucks with the Russian arms dealers or someone like that. This is so exciting.

Message copied below:

Hi, Dear!
I have seen your profile on a dating, and have decided to write to
you. There there were many good people. I do not know why to write to
you, something is probable inside has induced me to do it. I already
during long time wanted to find to me directly people, but not from
Russia. As in Russia very many bad people and are very difficult to
find such person, which will serve me as a fine half.
My best girlfriend has found to itself through Internet good people.
Which has invited her in the country, and now they live together 2 months.
And I also want to find to myself of the satellite of the partner in life.
Though actually it is very uneasy to find the love through the
Internet, but I shall hope for it up to the last.
Now, it is a little about me:
My name is Mariya.
I the simple Russian girl who search for a serious
the person from abroad for serious attitudes in the future for
creations of family.
I live the Russian city Izhevsk. It is very beautiful city.
It be far from our capital Moskow.
I am very brave to write to you and have written in hope which you
will write also to me. I hope for it, and I shall look forward to
answer from you.
P.S. If I though have slightly interested you, please write
to me the answer on mine E-mail:
I shall hope, and I shall wait, that you nevertheless will answer it soon.
Please try to send your message on email.
As I was very bad to use the Internet. I shall send the image in the
following letter. With hope your new familiar Mariya.

name: Mariya
age: January 22, 1979


  1. The jetblast section of the professional pilots rumour network (pprune dot org) had a very long and entertaining thread largely comprised of similar missives back and forth between the scammer and a Brit.

    Unfunnily enough, many lonesome men are badly victimized or worse. They seem to have taken their ethics lessons from Nigerians. BTW, there are some screamingly funny websites about Nigerian scammers as well, complete with photos, sound bytes and videos. Some are very elaborate.

  2. Very happy for you, comrade! Before you sell off the harp, though, you might want to watch the film "Birthday Girl."

  3. Enjoy your Russian Bride....Yikes...


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