Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Campaign Advice

I think I should hire out as a campaign manager. It is clear that most politicians don't know how to win.

Number one thing a presidential candidate is going to need is a good logo. This is the realm in which the Obama crowd really broke ground. Obnoxious as it sounds, we've entered an era in which everything and everyone is considered a "brand".
Without that logo, I doubt Obama would have been elected.

So, you need a pleasant logo which means absolutely nothing but somehow implies moving into the happy utopia beyond.

The other thing you need is a meaningless, yet noble sounding slogan. Again, Obama's people nailed it down with the "Hope and Change" phrase. And, of course, "Yes We Can". In reality it means absolutely nothing. In practice it meant, even more military personnel fighting abroad, more debt, higher cost of personal mobility, etc. Instead of a change, as in slowing momentum or turning things around, we have experienced an acceleration in the same direction, and by design more than not. It is simply true.

Even so, there are always talking points. "Talking points" has become the politically correct term for propaganda and misinformation. Half-truths. It is important to realize that half-truth has become the new truth, if you plan to win elections. Of course, that is one of the items which has been a major factor for many years. Not like the logo and slogan advancements, the big lie, half-truth, has won the day since before the time of Lincoln.

So, if anyone is to put on a good showing, that candidate must be identified with a good logo. It has to be good on any scale--small or large. That's one of the defining points in logo design. Obama's logo people nailed it. The only place he screwed up on that was not claiming his daughter or some poor inner city youth drew it up and voluntarily gave it to him.

Slogans can be tough. Things have changed since the days of "Tippecanoe and Tyler too" or however that went. "I like Ike" is the only other one I remember.

Oddly, Obama's slogan wasn't about him. Everything else he does or says is. It implied messiah without saying, "He's the One". They left those comments to others.

If anyone hires me, I am going to be hard pressed to compete in the slogan and logo arenas. What so few realize is that the substance of the message means zilch. All you get by trying to honestly explain what you think should be done and how, is support from those who are already on your team, and ridicule from those on the other team. The trick is to say nothing, and make it sound noble.

So far, it doesn't appear like anyone's catching on. Maybe the Ron Paul people are closest to having a brand with that lovelution stuff. It's a bit complex, and he's too old and serious. If you actually try to explain things in truth and detail, you are like a sitting duck. Got to imply what's in it for the voter. Sometimes it is just the promise of being cool, and that the French won't hate you any more. Obama nailed that one as well, although some believed he was going to pay their mortgages and fill the fuel tanks on their cars. He never set them straight. That is how it is done.

I see so no competition in that race. Unless they hire me to groom the candidate for public appearances, and learn how to pretend to be the "Chosen One", these people have no shot. Now, if Hilary really wanted it, I suppose she and Bill could have some people offed, and she'd get there by playing on the victimization of everyone. Encouraging everyone to be victims works, but I think we saw how the logo, the slogan, and the air of mysticism worked even better.

Complaint will not work. Not in a presidential race. You cannot win by purely pointing out that the other side is raping and pillaging. You have to give that illusion of "vision". The only way to do that is to not actually define any vision that makes sense. It has to be vague, glorious, misty and mystical. Kind of like that "Bridge to the 21st Century" that Clinton promised. What did that mean? Nothing. But we envisioned a beautiful bridge, on a sunny day, with everyone walking effortlessly over the arching throughfare, Bill in front, leading us to the other side, where all was well. Not unlike the Obama logo

Maybe I'll work on a winning slogan and competitive logo. It is a challenge. Many candidates simply appear to be impossible to effectively brand with a good logo and slogan. Gingrich, for instance. The epitome of a waste of time and money if anyone really supported his candidacy. I don't care what your views, he has no chance, even with my help. Some of the others, I could help, but they would have to hide out and shut up for awhile, and make no move until I get there to fix their candidacy problems.

I suppose a logo full of sexual innuendo might not work out. Perhaps if the candidate is female, you could get away with a powerful phallic logo. Have to be well done, and at least appear to be subtle. Only a female could get by with that.

I guess I better rebrand my own life before I seek my fortune in campaign management. I do think I may be just what is needed. Besides, I want to see someone new in there. Not sure who, but a person who doesn't recoil at the thought of personal freedom and mobility, and who is not stricken with guilt because we aren't europe would be an improvement. The self hate in this country needs to change or there will be nothing left of us.

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