Saturday, April 2, 2011

Here We Go Again

One or more crazies get big press and then other crazies get crazy.

No one would even know about it if I decided to burn a koran and/or a copy of the New York Times in my front yard. Or back yard. Would it be reason for people thousands of miles away to cut off heads? Would it be my fault?

Of course the FL guy is annoying, as many attention seekers are. But it is not his fault that we are in a war with full tilt Bozo lunatics. This is the same religious thinking that used cartoons as reason to kill and riot. It is highly possible that those who dream of taming these whacked out people, installing some vague definition of democracy, are equally nuts.

They went berserk on the mere rumor that infidels were burning books. No telling what story they heard. Most of us didn't even know about it until heads were rolling. And we live in this country.

Now the guy is on television and other media. Why bother? You know he's nuts too. Maybe they could get the guy who cut off a head on along with this other holy idiot. Unbelievable.

Is it not obviously a scam to think it is a useful goal for the USA to create stability in these insane countries? People are NOT all alike. Cultures are NOT the same. Even if they were, I would not be thrilled about an outside force coming in to overthrow Obama and other control freaks to install people I supposedly like better. That would make me nervous. Not that the Obama regime doesn't make me nervous, too. But I can cope.

So, we got it under control in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Libya, and where else I wonder. Those are people who want nothing more than peaceful representative democracy, and everlasting allegiance to our interests. Right?

If I ever write a book, and you burn it--I KILL YOU!!!


  1. Ah, you've hit on a difference: I burn your book (of course it'll have to be printed on "green" paper) and you kill me. Fair enough, really. I see people who don't like my writing the same way.

    But the crazed wackos in the Middle East see someone burning their book and kill someone else (or a whole bunch of someone elses). That's just all kinds of wrong, payback-wise.

    P.S. I'd be tempted to crack a bottle of Bud over the FL dude's head if I met him in a bar. Not enough to hurt him badly, but just to rattle his cage a bit, and let him know there are people out there who don't dig his act.

  2. Good point. In their culture--you burn my book, I kill anyone I don't know.
    I'll show you, you infidel American, I'll kill a Swede.
    Another reason the UN is BS. Countries like that have a vote. Why bother?

  3. Taliban began to lose my respect when they destroyed one of the largest images of Buddha ever seen on earth.

    When they wanted a woman killed because her school kids named a Teddy Bear Mohamad, it was over.

    OTOH, who knows how much of the info on the Kill Teams with their trophy photos of dead Afghanistanians made it to their village in addition to the info about the Fla book burning.


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