Friday, April 29, 2011

In Life, as in what we are told is Life

What we are told is life includes all the stuff of the news, especially the fear mongering aspect.

The common thread is that a problem is generally ignored or The Great Pretense prevents the acknowledgement of the issue as it grows and festers. Then, all of a sudden, people look around and exclaim, "Oh my God! How did that happen?"

In the public realm, the slicksters who promoted the application of the Great Pretense during the growth of the aberration, now come forward to point fingers at other slicksters, promising to fix the problem by applying the exact same "remedies" that created it.

I notice that this happens in real life as well. I do it. I let some thing go, hoping it will either go away, or that it is just my imagination in the first place; my own private version of the Great Pretense (which has governed public affairs for a very long time). Then when there is no way to ignore the issue, I think, Geez, why did this have to happen now? Bummer.

The reality is that it was happening for a long time, but I did not want to change anything, and that meant I would keep feeding the problem.

Some people do it more than others. It is easier to point it out in the lives of others because it is no fun identifying your own self defeating habits because the next thought is that you should change that habit and habits are a real bitch to change.

This has been a public service message, sponsored by the ballisticTour and the CAD council.

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