Thursday, April 14, 2011

Madness on High/good news-bad news

TSA says, "Recognizing that terrorists are willing to manipulate societal norms to evade detection, TSA has been actively assessing less invasive screening methods for low-risk populations, such as younger passengers, while still maintaining a high level of security."

That is what justifies patting down infants and such. If you let yourself go too far thinking anyone could be a bomber, then all of your neighbors, family, everyone is burdened with proving their innocence. And the thinking carries over to all aspects of life; my partner could be a thief, my wife could be unfaithful, my brother could be a child molester, that boyfriend or girlfriend or first date could be a serial killer--after all, it is always the one you don't suspect. Right?

Best to fear and suspect everyone. That way you are safer. Living free and happy obviously needs to take a back seat. After all the worst could happen.

You could insert DEA, the tobacco, alcohol, firearms people, IRS, or just about any other government agency, in place of the word "terrorists" in the above statement, and the bold part of the phrase would be equally valid. Maybe more so.

That just crossed my mine when I saw it.

I'm still thinking about the big trip. A couple of things are causing me to wonder whether I will do it or not. Most likely, I will hit the road.

In good news: re-connected with old friend and long ago drinking buddy. He blames me for contributing to his success at quitting alcohol 13 years ago. I wasn't even in town at the time. Must have been a phone call and putting him in touch with another friend. This is probably the only friend from high school that I have reason to keep in the loop, and one of my closest friends ever. Lately, the long time friends that were long lost have returned. "The chickens have come home to roost", to paraphrase that Chicago rabble rouser in the holy man suit.

In bad news: I just heard that a friend's adopted son, 26, died of alcohol poisoning. He and another guy were binge drinking with friends, got dropped off at home, and was found dead. Bizarrely, the other guy was also found dead--I guess at his respective dwelling. I knew alcohol could be trouble, but I thought it was hard to stay conscious enough to drink so much that it kills you. I always passed out or ran into something but what do I know?

The bad news above is kind of tough. There had been talk awhile back of a possible conversation on the topic between the deceased and myself. Never happened. I said I was available but someone has to want my opinion or knowledge. Can't force people. It is really bad news when things like this happen. Some of the things that go on are more extreme and self destructive than people think. To say every generation shocks the last, so no big deal, is a half truth. Methods improve and behavior finds further extremes.

What happens is advanced cultures fall under the weight of their addiction to entertainment, excitement, and taking things to the edge. Then in time new civilizations emerge, full of values and a work ethic, then the kids reap the benefits, get complacent, raise spoiled idiots and the whole thing repeats.

The spoiled idiots of our culture, who have ensured the decline, would be the baby boomers. The idiots who created them are the ones mislabeled "the greatest generation". They were not the greatest. Some of them were splendid, but on the whole they queered the deal. They were the last of the tough people, but they had lost the values of those who came before. They were the group who made seeking one's happiness at the expense of vows, family, and others an acceptable outlook. They made it cool. You were hardly a man in many circles if you weren't playing victim to the ex wife or the kids. The result was not good.

They were good soldiers but dumb as hell when it came to knowing when war is sane and when it is not, hence they were all for anything politicians dreamt up, Korea, VietNam, etc. And they accepted the police action mode of warfare, which proved far more brutal and cruel than if they'd just bombed a place into submission. Maybe without a real goal that isn't possible.
Greatest generation? Only if you ignore those who preceded them.

If you had grown up on my street, you'd know that half the men were named Bob, and all of them were jerks who thought nothing of cheating on their wives with Bob's wife, and who thought the only people who shouldn't be allowed to lie were children. On that street, the only people who weren't liars and betrayers actually were kids, but only a couple of them. And maybe one or two women.

That group does not fit my definition of great. They allowed WW1 and WW2 to develop, then got in the fray to clean up the idiotic diplomacy that allowed it. They were as manipulated as we are by elite powers that be whose motives still baffle me. I do believe none of these wars is as represented.

What the hell. It makes as much sense to run six year old American girls through the wringer at the airport as any thing else makes.

Anything except just living life, remembering the people who are close and you love, and recognizing the beauty of the place, doing what makes humans human. All the rest is garbage and nonsense.

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