Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Burning Bridges/Squeezing the Most out of Last Minute Prep

*****Phantom post returned. Here it is*****

I'm working tomorrow but bringing an instruction sheet for the people who will do what I do in my absence. The won't do repair work, just the regular things when people come in and when they leave.

The housekeeper's son and his pal often help her and they do good work. Maybe 18 or 20 years old. My nine button is messed up so I could not numerically list the in between age. I refuse to spell it out on principle of some kind.

I've told people I'm going to be out of here, so I have to go. That's the burning bridges part. No real or long term metaphorical bridges will be burned. Even though the landlord has placed this estate on the market. It is not possible due to various rules and regs to split out the cabin part. Otherwise, I might attempt to find a way to buy it.

If they sell while I'm gone, they'll know how t reach me. For their sake, I hope the sell. For mine, I'd rather the didn't. It may be more important to them than to me so I can't wish too hard for no buyers. In this market, it is very very tough. Especially out here with SDGE decimating Alpine business with their construction, uncertainty over the Powerlink scam, etc. Values have dropped to about 50% of their value in just a few years, and few are selling even at that. Great time to buy in East County.

Cheapo camping hint--there is more available for good prices at Target in this area than at WalMart. I don't go very high end with this stuff. And Target is the only one with the affordable airmattress with pump included. Better prices on coolers too. The 5 day jobs were all too big at both places so I went for convenient size that was on sale, included a tiny baby cooler inside plus a 20 pack of Coke.

Still skeptical of the Mississippi festival but I will pay about the time I leave if all looks like it is still a go. There are bound to be a lot of mosquitos if the wind is out of the west there, I have sticks that you burn to keep them at bay.

It sure takes me forver to start on things like this. A normal person would have spent the last month chipping away at the things that need doing, like leaving the house organized, etc. Guess I lack in the normal department.


  1. I have no idea when I'll visit El Cajon again, but it'll be sad not to find you there. Pity we didn't get to meet up again during my last visit. :-(

  2. The older I get, the longer it takes me to prep for a trip. However, the upside is that all my dam checklists are now digitized, so theoretically there is less and less chance that I will forget something important.

    IF I use 'em.

    cheers f

  3. Dorrie, I am not moving, just going on the road for a trip.


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