Sunday, June 5, 2011

Brief Documentation and review or two

Do not try this yourself--shading a tent on Ocracoke Island. I used it part of the day then took it off at night. I also soaked it in mosquito repellant. But the beach and the water--incomparable.

On the boat from Hatteras to Ocracoke.

The Carolina Country Inn motel in Burnsville, NC--in the mountains. I highly recommend this place. None of the modern inconveniences like key cards that don't work. Real keys. Chairs in front of the room that are actually cool places to hang out. Internet wifi. Big tv on the wall, windows that open. Good price.

Another recommendation.
If your are ever in Misenheimer or Ritchfield NC, there is a place on hwy 49, just off of hwy 52 called the Motel Restaurant (JUDY'S). They even include the parentheses bit on the sign.
It is a great diner in the tradition of great diners. Whatever that means. It is the place to go. That's all I can say. And they had the highest sanitation grade I've seen so far, 99%. In NC, they give you a letter grade plus post your score. I guess 95 is also an A. Maybe it goes down to 90.

It is not more than a mile or two from the Headquarters hair cutter where I lost my long hair.

Thunderstorms in the Blue Ridge tonight. Lots of spectacular lightening.
the end

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  1. I'll try to call you today or tomorrow. Ocracoke is insane. You can simply pull up to the beach on route 12 and be the ONLY human on the beach.

    On the sound side if you can get out in the water there is PLENTY of clamming to be done.

    Ocracoke is my favorite beach on the planet.


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