Monday, June 27, 2011

Can't Get There From Here

These pics were not shot by me, but they combine to give the feel of the area where now I am.

There is more traffic and around the bend, a little more to the town. It is a tastefully arranged tourist trap, and not a bad place. Several lodging options of all kinds, and many eateries and bike paths and whatnot. This pic is misleading.

Soon, I will again consult a map. My goal is to get to the ocean some way which involves as little desert as possible. I'm in some of the red rock mesa canyon, wild country now. Kanab, Utah. The locals try to run over you, unless you are doing business of some kind with them. In that case they are friendly, competent, and accommodating.

The countryside is pretty spectacular. This is not too far from the north rim of the Grand Canyon, or from Zion national, whatever it is called. I've been both places. Three years ago I camped at the north rim in a fairly primitive campground

That was the place where a bus pulled in at midnight. Keep in mind this is not a place with lights or anything. Off marched the Harvard Glee Club, who immediately broke into a world class rendition of "In the Still of the Night". They definitely rocked. Then amid giggles and who knows what they arranged themselves on blankets and in sleeping bags all around the bus. They were toward the end of the place.

It was then that I accepted the fact that my life moves, often, in a dimension which seems slightly askew from the one you normally see. Either I died and this is the after life, or I dwell somewhere else much of the time. It is OK either way. That Glee Club thing kind of shook me, under the circumstances. I figure it is better to embrace the twilight zone, should you wind up there, rather than fear it.

So, I am not wanting to repeat the same experiences this time so much. I'm following whim, gut, intuition, and orders from unseen beings.

Right now I am going to pul up a map and see what looks the best course to take. Soon, I must go home. I do not believe anyone will pay me to do this forever, and I like my east county San Diego place. I hope they don't sell it for awhile.

Holy smoke!! I've wandered myself into a pickle. There is no good way to go unless I go way up high, then come down, and in that case I cannot imagine spending much time on the coastal highway. Deserts and salt flats.

Woe is me. I may go up toward Salt Lake City and up through Idaho.
The other option is to bite the bullet and do the desert at night. Tis may be the wisest choice even though I'd like to mae it u to Seattle. Maybe I can just fly there later.

Yep. I will take the quick way out. It is close to time that I want to be home. Mostly I want to get out of 4th of July canyon tourist crowds. It is already starting.


  1. The sky looks huge there relative to where we live...

  2. Straight home appeals, and night driving sounds wise. Hope you have cell phone well charged.

    That is the part of the US where I first rented a cell phone, cuz places are far apart out there.

    Pretty country tho. Stay safe.



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