Friday, June 17, 2011

Helped With Horseboy fence; they think I'm an idiot

Something about the way I am causes people to either think I'm an idiot, or they are intrigued and like to discover things about me which they seem to respect. Horse boy's dad is of the former camp. Many arrogant Brits are, I've found.

They were nice enough, especially at first. That is because the Brit chick there was talking to me while he was doing other things. He's the top dog, and, except for the cowboy who lets him use some of his pasture and fixes fences, the guy is surrounded by adoring women. The dynamic is clear, and I can't say I blame him. Resent, yes. Blame, no.

Anyway, they are hard working, tainted by mild fame and have that hipper-than-thou British-Hollywood thing going. Needless to say, there is nothing I could offer the place. Or nothing that would be accepted, short of money.

Many of the tasks involved in the 100 degree fence fixing environment were things I could tell I would be much quicker and better at doing than even the cowboy. It was just one of those things where you let the dog keep his territory.

Speaking of dogs, the ones that came out there with me, the cowboy and the adoring women of various ages--all Canadian or UK people--gravitated to me and hung around me like those pictures of St Francis. It was quiet vindication. "See? Your dogs know who I am, dammit! How bout due respect?"

So, I politely left after close to three hours.

I mentioned writing and the guy grilled me about it, wanting my book synopsis in a short sentence, which I never gave him. He assumed I'd never known or talked to an author, telling me, "this is what writers ask". No, it is not. Depends on the writer, the context, and much else. He's not buying anything so who owes him the discussion on his terms?

He ticked me off, I guess, and I think that was a two way street, although I believe I was much nicer and more gracious.

No way you can show u to such a place and expect anything, so I am ashamed of my disappointment and small degree of anger. I know I could be very beneficial to their operation and they don't seem to think anything, except I do not fit their narrow set of parameters for what is cool, therefore I am not worth much.

I'll write my damned book, get it sold and send him a signed copy with an insulting inscription. I like some Brits, but some can exude a type of snobbish arrogance that makes you want to fight the Revolutionary War all over again, tagging them as first casualty.

I once heard that there is n such thing as a free education. Let's chalk it up to that.

One puzzler was if he and the Brit chick have a thing going. Maybe not, but she would if he would, I think. Almost a cultish ambiance there.

They are smart enough people, but I guess I felt snubbed, and that makes them dumber than they realize.
It happens. Some people cannot get past "that". Maybe it is my curse and maybe it is my undeserving person filter.


  1. You tend to read people spot on...I'll take your word on this one and steer clear until my speech coach shows up to drill me on British linguistics.

  2. I've been too busy to keep up lately, not even updating much myself, but I do stop by when I can.

    Some people are just jerks......

  3. This phrase is so trite I loathe it, but it fits:

    Their loss.

  4. They sound like Arseholes! We ment some people like that last fall, but unfortunately we can't avoid them. They're our new in-laws :(


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